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Blog posts tagged with 'Barcodes on Product Labels'

Product Label Design For e-Commerce

If designing Product Labels for retail shelves isn't challenging enough, consider the extra complexity when your product is only displayed on a website (usually in a thumbnail image). Read more about this topic here:

How To Get A Barcode For Your Custom Product Labels

In order to get a UPC code that will be accepted by retailers, you need to go through the proper steps to get an approved UPC code for your products. This is an intricate process that requires you to have a basic knowledge of the digits and bars that appear on your products - they aren’t random.

Should I Add Bar Codes on My Product Labels?

Without the barcode, the clerk would need to manually read price stickers and tally your purchases by hand - the way it used to be done - which was both time-consuming and error-prone. Put simply, if your products are sold where there are no checkout scanners then you probably won't need a UPC code.

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