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Beer Labels

Custom Beer Label Printing

With the emergence of home brewing and microbreweries, the demand for custom beer bottle labels has never been greater nor the competition stiffer. After type and style of beer, the label is the most important factor when shoppers are choosing which beer to purchase. Often purchased for celebrations, personalized beer labels need to be as special as what is inside the bottle.

Custom beer labels help make sure your beer is chosen when shoppers make that all-important buying decision.


Challenges with Beer Labels

The Wizard Labels Solution


Beer Labels need to stay on the bottle

After investing your time and effort to brew your beer, the temptation will be to skimp on the packaging – your belief is that once they taste it, they’ll love it so much the label could be a post-it. But post-its, like cheap paper printed labels, don’t stay on under duress or exposure to moisture which is inevitable with the American preference for ice cold beer.


Wizard Labels uses only high quality adhesives and materials

Your beer labels need to be able to withstand a cooler full of ice and a moist fridge. Wizard Labels uses high quality plastic materials and adhesives so your custom beer labels will stay put even if it spends extra time in the cooler.


My beer comes in a variety of flavors that change seasonally

Beers labels embrace seasons with tweaks to their main library of beers – which, with older plate presses, can greatly impact the cost of your order. So how is this financially viable?


Digital printing enables you to offer many beer variations without breaking your budget

It’s very simple to create multiple label designs of the same size and print them all in a single run. Imagine introducing some complementary designs to add "something different" when they're side by side on the shelf. Why settle for a single label design that some shoppers may not find attractive? Mix it up a little and increase your shelf appeal, all while still perpetuating your unique brand with multiple custom beer labels. With digital label printing, the only limitation is your creativity - cost is no longer the driving force it has always been with traditional label printing.


Does my Beer Bottle need a neck label?

It’s common to see a second neck label added to beer bottles. Some microbrewers think it adds class while creating more real estate to showcase your brand. At Wizard Labels, we’re certain of one thing: it adds a second run of the presses.


Unless you’re married to the idea, you don’t need a neck label

With a neck label, you’re doubling your order of labels. Adding a second, thin label near the top doesn’t seem like much, but creating a second design and running a second press adds up. Especially when you’re usually selling a product inside more packaging. Ultimately, it might not be where you want your labeling costs to go.