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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me with my custom product label design?

Sorry, no. Our business focus, and what we do exceptionally well, is on printing high-quality labels from customer-supplied artwork - not as a design agency. Design and printing are two distinctly different specialties, and each demands and deserves 100% commitment to ensure the best results. So, unless you have ready access to the required design skills and tools, you'll need to find a professional graphic designer to work with.

We also can't help you decide what size or shape your labels will be - because there is no "standard" size for any container. That's where a competent designer needs to be involved, as it depends on what textual content you need on the label, what images are involved, and so on. Label design and layout is a very complex process and you're best served working with somebody who understands the unique intracacies of product label design. Feel free to contact us and we can refer you to some label design specialists with whom we have had good experiences.

Similarly, if you need expert guidance on regulatory requirements (i.e. what legal terminology you may need to include on your product labels), we're not qualified in this area and you'll need to research these elsewhere. Once you have print-ready artwork, we'll be delighted to take care of the actual production part of the equation.


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