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Blog posts tagged with 'Custom Label Size and Shape'

Designing Product Labels To The Correct Size

A critical part of product label design is arriving at the correct size dimensions (i.e. height and width). While this seems like a simple enough task, there are some additional considerations that your designer needs to be aware of. Read more here.

Printing Multiple Labels for Single Product Package

Sometimes a product requires multiple labels, for example a front and a back label on the same bottle. If you're in this position, there are several things that can help you optimize your investment like the size of the labels, the shape of the container, and how you are going to apply the labels.

Printed Concept Product Label Proofs

Trying to visualize how a label design will look after it has been printed is not always as simple as looking at the design on a computer screen and assuming that the printed result will look identical. This is why we offer the option for you to order a 'Concept Proof' before your order goes into production. Learn now on how to best complete your ‘Concept Proof.’

Product Labels With Custom Shapes

We're exposed to many product labels and the majority on store shelves are common shapes (circles, squares, etc.), but you may want to create a product label that is custom-shaped. Learn the two main reasons why custom-shaped product labels are chosen and how to effectively order them. 

The Special Challenges of Labeling Small Products

When you wrap a label around something that’s small in circumference, the material has a natural tendency to “unravel” back to its normally flat position. Our Online Quoter has a choice of material called "White BOPP (Tight Mandrel)" specifically to address this problem, but there are many more tips you should know about labeling small products. 

Clear Product Labels - The Pros and Cons

Clear (transparent) product labels can be very effective in the right circumstances, but there are some significant pitfalls that need to be understood before assuming they will work on your specific products.

Custom Lip Balm Labels

Lip balms have three big labeling variables that you should be aware of. Their flavor choices seem to be endless. They often come as promotional products. And, their small, cylindrical surface area requires special considerations. Now learn more about how to approach each variable.

What Does Unwind Directions Mean with Product Labels?

Unwind Direction refers to the orientation of the labels as they come off the roll. It’s a small detail that affects the cost of your product label, the speed at which you receive your labels, and most importantly – how your product looks to the customer.

What Size and Shape Should My Product Labels Be?

We could tell you the simple truth that the size of your label just “depends.” But, it’s beneficial for you to be as knowledgeable in your choice so you can receive a product label that you’re happy with. Here are some custom label tips that will help you navigate the big choices like size, design, and material.

Fractions Or Decimals? – How It Affects Label Printing

We discuss how in the USA, we use the “Imperial” system of measurement for most things. How does this affect the labeling business? Well, ALL other companies expect you to convert your fractions to decimals, but at Wizard Labels, we make BOTH fractions and decimals available to you.

Custom Labels For Tapered Containers – Quite the Challenge

If you plan to use tapered containers for your products (i.e. where the sides of the container aren't perfectly perpendicular), be aware that your label design project suddenly becomes more complicated. Read here for a detailed explanation of the challenge (and the solution).

How Should I Package My Product?

Your product label is the face of your brand and there are many factors that go into the decision of choosing a package that the label goes on. Here are some key points of consideration that Wizard Labels can help you with: presentation vs. utility, the container type, the container size, and the container’s surface. 

The Special Challenges of Product Label Design

There is much more that goes into designing a product label than size and shape. First, it all comes down to a balanced combination of presentation and usability. You also have to factor in the material your labels are printed on and how they’ll interact with not only the package, but how they will interact with the elements in their usable environment. 

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