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Blog posts tagged with 'Custom Labels Tips and Tricks'

The Consumer’s Moment of Truth

Product labels and packaging play a crucial role in a consumer’s decision to identify with a brand, then purchase a personal care or household product. In the current issue of happi Magazine, Wizard Labels President, Steve Smith, discusses product label “rules to live by”. Read more here.

Designing Product Labels To The Correct Size

A critical part of product label design is arriving at the correct size dimensions (i.e. height and width). While this seems like a simple enough task, there are some additional considerations that your designer needs to be aware of. Read more here.

Why Don't My Labels Stick Properly To My Products?
We occasionally hear from customers who comment that their labels are not "sticking" properly to their product containers. The reasons for this can be quite diverse, but there are some things to explore if this happens to you. Read here for some tips and suggestions.
Printing Multiple Labels for Single Product Package

Sometimes a product requires multiple labels, for example a front and a back label on the same bottle. If you're in this position, there are several things that can help you optimize your investment like the size of the labels, the shape of the container, and how you are going to apply the labels.

Printed Concept Product Label Proofs

Trying to visualize how a label design will look after it has been printed is not always as simple as looking at the design on a computer screen and assuming that the printed result will look identical. This is why we offer the option for you to order a 'Concept Proof' before your order goes into production. Learn now on how to best complete your ‘Concept Proof.’

Custom Product Labels: Tips and Tricks

Often, a customer submits a design and expects that no adjustments will need to be made, and that it is ready to print. This may be the case in many instances (re-ordering), factoring in even an extra day for potential changes that could be made can help immensely. Learn more tricks in this post.

QR Codes: Do They Add Value To Custom Product Labels?

There are times when a QR code can be used effectively on a product label. You should consider the best size (not the size of a highway billboard), the placement (not on the back of a moving bus), and whether a QR code will add real value to the consumer experience (these instances are rare).

How To Get A Barcode For Your Custom Product Labels

In order to get a UPC code that will be accepted by retailers, you need to go through the proper steps to get an approved UPC code for your products. This is an intricate process that requires you to have a basic knowledge of the digits and bars that appear on your products - they aren’t random.

The Special Challenges of Labeling Small Products

When you wrap a label around something that’s small in circumference, the material has a natural tendency to “unravel” back to its normally flat position. Our Online Quoter has a choice of material called "White BOPP (Tight Mandrel)" specifically to address this problem, but there are many more tips you should know about labeling small products. 

Clear Product Labels - The Pros and Cons

Clear (transparent) product labels can be very effective in the right circumstances, but there are some significant pitfalls that need to be understood before assuming they will work on your specific products.

Custom Hot Sauce Labels: What You Need to Know

No matter how flavorful your hot sauce is, if it doesn't display a high quality product label then there is a very good chance that the consumer will pass it up in favor of a hot sauce with a more appealing presentation. Also, rarely do we see a hot sauce company with only one flavor of sauce. Here are things you need to know to ensure your flavor variations can be printed in the same run.

Matte or Glossy Product Labels: Choosing a Finish

The finish you choose really depends on the design of the custom label, the color scheme used, and the look that you're trying to achieve. But knowing the benefits and limitations of each finish ensures that you have a better handle of the effect your label will have on the consumer.

Demystifying Product Label Prices

At Wizard Labels, we believe that ordering product labels shouldn't be a confusing process. Let's quickly go over a few of the things that we do differently and set us apart from the rest of the label printing industry. Each step in our process makes getting high-quality product labels easier on you.

Chrome Product Labels = Extra Zing

Textured papers, gold foil, or raised lettering are very expensive when compared to most product labels. But the materials may not be suited to products where the container has a longer life or gets subjected to repeated handling. One material that can add both visual appeal and longevity is what we call Chrome BOPP.

Printing Custom Labels Using Variable Data

Variable data is not limited to such simple applications as altering a serial number for each product – it’s even possible to have different text or images inserted. This step just requires some up-front manipulation of the artwork and you’d need to provide the actual components to be inserted during the printing process. Read further to know how to get it done.

Multi-Version Digital Label Printing Saves Time and Money

Years ago, if you wanted to print different versions of the same product label, traditional printing would require different plates for each change. This added significant expense & setup time. Alter orders, maximize colors, and decrease pricing with versioning in digital printing.

Custom Labels For Beverages

When examining the enormous amount of choices in wine aisle, one must think: “what are some ways to stand out from the pack?” You should be informed about the pros and cons of adding "bling" to the product label (gold foil, embossing, multiple labels). With more knowledge about the effects (and cost), you’ll be able to brand your product better.

Special Considerations For Bath and Body Label Printing

Bath product labels are exposed to water, steam, and various other environmental influences that would quite simply destroy a paper-based label in record time. The adverse impact of poor labeling on your brand should be obvious - which is why at Wizard Labels we use a special material for label printing. 

Application of Product Labels: The Rubber Meets the Road

A beautiful label can quickly be undermined by poor application. There are many factors that come into play when you apply your labels onto your product - so be sure you don't dive in the deep end without preparing properly first.  Here are some things to consider....

Product Labels: Paper or Plastic?

The material you choose may sometimes have an impact on the price the consumer pays for the product, but it’s important to realize “cost per label” is not the only factor you should consider. 

What Does Unwind Directions Mean with Product Labels?

Unwind Direction refers to the orientation of the labels as they come off the roll. It’s a small detail that affects the cost of your product label, the speed at which you receive your labels, and most importantly – how your product looks to the customer.

RGB vs CMYK – What??

With this post, you can begin to understand the challenges associated with making sure the artwork files you submit to a print-shop have been created using the CMYK method of color-creation rather than the RGB mode that your computer monitor uses. It’s an important step in the design that ensures your final product label looks as vibrant as you imagine it. 

Fractions Or Decimals? – How It Affects Label Printing

We discuss how in the USA, we use the “Imperial” system of measurement for most things. How does this affect the labeling business? Well, ALL other companies expect you to convert your fractions to decimals, but at Wizard Labels, we make BOTH fractions and decimals available to you.

Custom Labels For Tapered Containers – Quite the Challenge

If you plan to use tapered containers for your products (i.e. where the sides of the container aren't perfectly perpendicular), be aware that your label design project suddenly becomes more complicated. Read here for a detailed explanation of the challenge (and the solution).

How Should I Package My Product?

Your product label is the face of your brand and there are many factors that go into the decision of choosing a package that the label goes on. Here are some key points of consideration that Wizard Labels can help you with: presentation vs. utility, the container type, the container size, and the container’s surface. 

Is Digital Label Printing Right For Me?

Digital printing isn’t your only option, but it is likely the best option for printing product labels for most small to medium businesses. In this post, you’ll learn more about your label printing options and how the different technologies compare.

Digital Label Printing Tips & More

We know that your products are more than just something that will look pretty and make some money. These products are a part of you; they’re your livelihood. It’s important to learn the basics of the Digital Label Printing Process, and the benefits as compared with the traditional printing process.

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