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Blog posts tagged with 'Custom product labels'

The Pitfalls Of High-Resolution Graphics In Product Labels

When designing Product Labels, a common misconception is that images need to be in the highest resolution possible to achieve the best printed results. This is simply not the case - read more here:

Expert Customer Service Can Make the Difference

Ordering Custom Product Labels is often a very challenging process, even for the experienced labels buyer. At Wizard Labels, we don't employ sales-people - we focus our efforts on having a customer service team with extensive experience in the product labels printing business. Read more here...

Buying Custom Product Labels with Discounts and Coupons

While the world is full of special offers, we think they often create the wrong impression & reward the wrong people. We approach this issue differently - we believe in rewarding loyal customers rather than the "bait & switch" offers often found today. Read our unique approach to customer loyalty...

Free and Fast Shipping on Any Custom Product Label Order

It’s natural to want to receive any item that you order online as fast as humanly possible. The story is no different when it comes to ordering custom product labels. Delivery times for product labels vary dramatically from printer to printer, and can often cost vastly different amounts (depending on who you order from). Here at Wizard Labels, we offer free 2-day shipping on all label orders to anywhere in the 50 United States (and DC). Read more...

Plan for Change When You Design Custom Product Labels

Any successful business plans for the future and prepares for change. So why should your approach to your custom product labels be any different? It can be difficult to forecast your product label needs at times. If you factor in regulatory changes that need to be periodically made to product labels, it can become even more difficult. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to consider during the product label design and ordering process to help make your life easier. Read more...

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