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Blog posts tagged with 'Digital Label Printing'

Personalization and Digital Printing - a Perfect Match!

Personalized products are everywhere.  In this post, we discuss how digital printing has enabled a massive evolution in making products (and labels) more personal.

Labels Bring CBD Hemp Experts’ Products to Life!

Here's a sneak preview of an upcoming article in Nutraceuticals World magazine. It explains how two technology-focused companies have arrived at a mutually beneficial relationship that helps both thrive. Read the full content here.

Label Wizardry - Creative Design Drives a Compelling Brand

Innovative Los Angeles brewery chooses Wizard Labels to produce their unique can labels, using laser-cutting to achieve radical and unique overlapping designs. Who said product labels are boring? - check out the way Brouwerij West is leading the pack on product label design here.

Expert Customer Service Can Make the Difference

Ordering Custom Product Labels is often a very challenging process, even for the experienced labels buyer. At Wizard Labels, we don't employ sales-people - we focus our efforts on having a customer service team with extensive experience in the product labels printing business. Read more here...

Buying Custom Product Labels with Discounts and Coupons

While the world is full of special offers, we think they often create the wrong impression & reward the wrong people. We approach this issue differently - we believe in rewarding loyal customers rather than the "bait & switch" offers often found today. Read our unique approach to customer loyalty...

Free and Fast Shipping on Any Custom Product Label Order

Delivery times for product labels vary dramatically from printer to printer, and can often cost vastly different amounts (depending on who you order from). Here at Wizard Labels, however, we offer free 2-day shipping on all label orders to anywhere in the 50 United States (and DC). Read more...

Plan for Change When You Design Custom Product Labels

Any successful business plans for the future and prepares for change. So why should your approach to your custom product labels be any different? It can be difficult to forecast your product label needs at times. If you factor in regulatory changes that need to be periodically made to product labels, it can become even more difficult. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to consider during the product label design and ordering process to help make your life easier. Read more...

Campaign Labels vs Stickers

Labels are intended to SELL something. Stickers are intended to SAY something. A custom product label informs the potential customer and carries your most precious asset - your brand. 

The Special Challenges of Labeling Small Products

When you wrap a label around something that’s small in circumference, the material has a natural tendency to “unravel” back to its normally flat position. Our Online Quoter has a choice of material called "White BOPP (Tight Mandrel)" specifically to address this problem, but there are many more tips you should know about labeling small products. 

Matte or Glossy Product Labels: Choosing a Finish

The finish you choose really depends on the design of the custom label, the color scheme used, and the look that you're trying to achieve. But knowing the benefits and limitations of each finish ensures that you have a better handle of the effect your label will have on the consumer.

Multi-Version Digital Label Printing Saves Time and Money

Years ago, if you wanted to print different versions of the same product label, traditional printing would require different plates for each change. This added significant expense & setup time. Alter orders, maximize colors, and decrease pricing with versioning in digital printing.

Specialty Food Labels

So often, the quality of a food label directly affects how the consumer actually judges the quality of the food inside. With digital printing, you can not only combine brilliant images in your product labels, but you can also combine many "versions" of similar products into a single run, saving substantial money in the process. Specialty food labels can become a costly endeavor if a few things are not considered.

Custom Labels For Beverages

When examining the enormous amount of choices in wine aisle, one must think: “what are some ways to stand out from the pack?” You should be informed about the pros and cons of adding "bling" to the product label (gold foil, embossing, multiple labels). With more knowledge about the effects (and cost), you’ll be able to brand your product better.

Custom Lip Balm Labels

Lip balms have three big labeling variables that you should be aware of. Their flavor choices seem to be endless. They often come as promotional products. And, their small, cylindrical surface area requires special considerations. Now learn more about how to approach each variable.

Special Considerations For Bath and Body Label Printing

Bath product labels are exposed to water, steam, and various other environmental influences that would quite simply destroy a paper-based label in record time. The adverse impact of poor labeling on your brand should be obvious - which is why at Wizard Labels we use a special material for label printing. 

RGB vs CMYK – What??

Understand the challenges associated with making sure the artwork files you submit have been created using the CMYK method of color-creation rather than the RGB mode that your computer monitor uses. It’s an important design step that ensures your final product label looks as vibrant as imagined.

The Need for Proper Artwork Files For Label Printing

A simple rule: the better the original artwork is, the better chance that the finished product will meet your expectations. But that extends far beyond just the final art of your label. The software tools you create your label in are not all created equal - and not all of them produce the same results. Here’s how to avoid errors in the tools you choose and the artwork you export.

What Size and Shape Should My Product Labels Be?

We could tell you the simple truth that the size of your label just “depends.” But, it’s beneficial for you to be as knowledgeable in your choice so you can receive a product label that you’re happy with. Here are some custom label tips that will help you navigate the big choices like size, design, and material.

Custom Labels For Tapered Containers – Quite the Challenge

If you plan to use tapered containers for your products (i.e. where the sides of the container aren't perfectly perpendicular), be aware that your label design project suddenly becomes more complicated. Read here for a detailed explanation of the challenge (and the solution).

Is Digital Label Printing Right For Me?

Digital printing isn’t your only option, but it is likely the best option for printing product labels for most small to medium businesses. In this post, you’ll learn more about your label printing options and how the different technologies compare.

Digital Label Printing Tips & More

We know that your products are more than just something that will look pretty and make some money. These products are a part of you; they’re your livelihood. It’s important to learn the basics of the Digital Label Printing Process, and the benefits as compared with the traditional printing process.

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