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Blog posts tagged with 'Discounts and Promotions'

Weekly Specials - Who Do They Really Serve?

We’re all familiar with this marketing tactic, whether it be in retail stores or online businesses – the suggestion is that if you buy NOW you’ll save a bundle of money. Are they real, and if so who do they benefit? Read more..

Don't Rush Into Rush Fees

Isn't it curious that many companies offer a "RUSH" option, often at significant cost? We're not talking about shipping upgrades here (which is quite legitimate and has no impact on anyone else) - we're referring to an option to "jump the queue" - which we don't agree with and here's why...

Buying Custom Product Labels with Discounts and Coupons

While the world is full of special offers, we think they often create the wrong impression & reward the wrong people. We approach this issue differently - we believe in rewarding loyal customers rather than the "bait & switch" offers often found today. Read our unique approach to customer loyalty...

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