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Blog posts tagged with 'Label Materials and Finishes'

Product Labeling that Survives Outdoor Elements

When product labels need to survive the outdoors, you need to take into consideration the elements in which the product label will need to withstand. There are solutions to these challenges, but you need to think through the following ideas to make sure you select the right material.

Raising the Status Quo for Quality Product Labels
Matte or Glossy Product Labels: Choosing a Finish

The finish you choose really depends on the design of the custom label, the color scheme used, and the look that you're trying to achieve. But knowing the benefits and limitations of each finish ensures that you have a better handle of the effect your label will have on the consumer.

Chrome Product Labels = Extra Zing

Textured papers, gold foil, or raised lettering are very expensive when compared to most product labels. But the materials may not be suited to products where the container has a longer life or gets subjected to repeated handling. One material that can add both visual appeal and longevity is what we call Chrome BOPP.

Nutraceutical Product Labels

In a growing industry like Nutraceuticals, the biggest variable in a customer’s choice of product is the product’s label. Here’s what you need to know about how to effectively use digital printing in order to stand out without succumbing to the perceived expenses of variation in labeled ingredients, information, and altering product size.

Custom Candle Labels

When it comes to custom candle label printing, we know that there are numerous choices for container materials, scents, and sizes. Whether the candles are small or large; in glass, plastic, or metal; we have a labeling material that will work for your candle product. We also want you to be informed on your decision, so here are some quick tips. 

Custom Lip Balm Labels

Lip balms have three big labeling variables that you should be aware of. Their flavor choices seem to be endless. They often come as promotional products. And, their small, cylindrical surface area requires special considerations. Now learn more about how to approach each variable.

Custom Product Labels For e-Cigarettes and e-Liquid

Labeling e-Cigarettes may seem daunting because they come in so many flavors. But, more difficulties arise when you realize these products are also available in a range of nicotine strengths and alternative sizes. Learn here about “grouping” your labels in order to save time and money on one of the fastest growing products.

Application of Product Labels: The Rubber Meets the Road

A beautiful label can quickly be undermined by poor application. There are many factors that come into play when you apply your labels onto your product - so be sure you don't dive in the deep end without preparing properly first.  Here are some things to consider....

Product Labels: Paper or Plastic?

The material you choose may sometimes have an impact on the price the consumer pays for the product, but it’s important to realize “cost per label” is not the only factor you should consider. 

Custom Labels For Tapered Containers – Quite the Challenge

If you plan to use tapered containers for your products (i.e. where the sides of the container aren't perfectly perpendicular), be aware that your label design project suddenly becomes more complicated. Read here for a detailed explanation of the challenge (and the solution).

The Special Challenges of Product Label Design

There is much more that goes into designing a product label than size and shape. First, it all comes down to a balanced combination of presentation and usability. You also have to factor in the material your labels are printed on and how they’ll interact with not only the package, but how they will interact with the elements in their usable environment. 

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