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What You Should Know about Polyethylene Labels for Squeezable Products

Squeezable products, such as tubes of cream, are constantly being pressed and squeezed. It's a challenge to find labels that will stand up to that kind of heavy pressure without wrinkling or falling off. That's why Wizard Labels offers polyethylene labels for squeezable products.

What makes polyethylene labels so squeezable?

Polyethylene labels have a unique chemical structure that allows them to absorb the punishment that occurs when you squeeze a tube. Because these labels are so flexible, they can conform to the shape of the tube as it is squeezed and still look great.

For most products, our number-one label material is BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene), which is designed to not stretch at all. Although BOPP is extremely durable, in his not necessarily squeezable. If you put a BOPP label on a tube and forcibly squeeze it, the label may bubble.

Which is better: polyethylene labels or BOPP?

If your product is thick and comes in a tube, such as body lotion, you can expect customers to squeeze hard in order to get out every last bit of product. Polyethylene labels are a great choice for products that will get squeezed or smashed flat.

On the other hand, if your product is a thinner liquid, such as shampoo in a plastic bottle, you may prefer BOPP labels instead. Flexible containers require only light pressure and squeezing, and BOPP stands up well under those conditions.

Does your product need squeezable polyethylene labels?

The perfect label for your product depends on many factors, including the thickness of your product, the type of packaging, and how it will be used. The best way to choose a label material is to try out your options and see for yourself. Request a free label sample pack now.


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