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Blog posts tagged with 'Product Label Proofing'

Product Labeling that Survives Outdoor Elements

When product labels need to survive the outdoors, you need to take into consideration the elements in which the product label will need to withstand. There are solutions to these challenges, but you need to think through the following ideas to make sure you select the right material.

Raising the Status Quo for Quality Product Labels
Printed Concept Product Label Proofs

Trying to visualize how a label design will look after it has been printed is not always as simple as looking at the design on a computer screen and assuming that the printed result will look identical. This is why we offer the option for you to order a 'Concept Proof' before your order goes into production. Learn now on how to best complete your ‘Concept Proof.’

The Importance of Printing Test Product Labels

If your label isn’t easy to read from your printer then there's a good chance our presses won't make a significant difference to the final product. As a general rule of thumb, printing your design on a desktop laser printer (at intended size) should reveal any obvious quality and readability issues. Don't expect our presses to magically create better quality and resolution if it doesn't exist in the artwork.

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