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Blog posts tagged with 'Product Labels Tips and Tricks'

Product Label Design Artwork Bleeds

A bleed occurs anytime that your art is designed with a background color or pattern (i.e. anything other than a plain white background) that extends all the way to the edge of your label. In this case you should create your art so that the background actually extends BEYOND the constraints of the label.

Remember Clear Space When Creating Labels

Clear Space is easily defined. If an image or text is too close to the finished edge of your product label it may inadvertently be trimmed off during the die-cutting process.

Product Labeling that Survives Outdoor Elements

When product labels need to survive the outdoors, you need to take into consideration the elements in which the product label will need to withstand. There are solutions to these challenges, but you need to think through the following ideas to make sure you select the right material.

Should I Add Bar Codes on My Product Labels?

Without the barcode, the clerk would need to manually read price stickers and tally your purchases by hand - the way it used to be done - which was both time-consuming and error-prone. Put simply, if your products are sold where there are no checkout scanners then you probably won't need a UPC code.

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