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What is Wizard Labels' standard turnaround time?

In order to answer this very common question, we first need to understand that there are actually 3 distinct parts to the whole issue of "turn time". Firstly, there is the proofing phase, which (assuming electronic PDF proofs are used) is usually fairly quick - often within a couple of hours from the time we receive the order and your artwork. That said, once the proofs are emailed to you we obviously have no control over how long it takes you to respond and authorize us to proceed into production - which is why we never schedule a job without first receiving your approval.

Having received the approval to print, we then add the job into the production schedule (which is the second component of turn time). Normal production times vary between 2 and 3 working days depending on how late in the day we receive your approval. Note - weekends and holidays do not count as "working days".

Lastly (and this is often overlooked or ignored by both customers and other label companies) the 3rd piece of the puzzle is the amount of time it takes to have the finished labels delivered to you. At Wizard Labels, we're unique in that we offer free 2-day shipping to anywhere in the 50 United States (and DC). In effect, depending on where you're located, the delivery time can often be a single day - but we guarantee a maximum of 2 days for simplicity (barring any unexpected delivery delays or natural disasters outside our control).

So, in summary you should usually expect to receive your finished labels somewhere between 3 and 5 days from the time we receive the order and artwork - assuming of course that the art is usable and you give us proof approval in a timely manner.

NOTE: - we often get asked if there's a "rush" option. The answer is no - we treat all jobs with the same priority, i.e. first in, first out. Our turn times are so quick we have minimal opportunity to adjust the process anyway, and we also believe that "jumping the queue" automatically means somebody else's job won't ship on time. Some companies will take your money quite happily (often significant amounts) to rush a job through, but obviously they don't care that another customer has been cheated out of their place in the queue.

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