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Why Can't I Order Split-Shipping or Blind Shipping?

This is a good question - we occasionally get asked to break an order into parts so it can be shipped to multiple locations, or that the package(s) should be "masked" to remove any evidence of our involvement in the printing process (often called "blind shipping").

As much as we would like to help in situations like these, we do not offer these services – for some good practical reasons, as follows:

1. Our entire business model relies on extremely efficient production processes, so we can maintain the industry-leading “turn-times” we’re known for.  Anything that impacts the smooth production of an order not only endangers the order in question, it also affects all the other orders in the queue.

2. To break an order into separate parts with different destinations would be a manual process after the production run is completed. Similarly, changing the physical appearance of the packaging (different shipping labels, different packing slips, and so on) would also involve manual intervention.

3. Any time we introduce a non-standard step into the process this puts the whole schedule at risk – and our plant is geared up for as much automated production as possible. Apart from slowing everything down, any human intervention also adds an extra potential for error - which we try to avoid if at all possible.

So, in order to maintain maximum efficiency and throughput, we avoid doing anything that could have an adverse effect on quality and delivery. While split-shipping or blind-shipping may sound simple in concept, in fact it complicates the production processes in ways we cannot support when we normally only have two days to get orders out the door.

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