A Special Message Regarding Sanitizer Labels

We’re all painfully aware of how the entire world is going through unique and disturbing times – which affect us all in numerous ways, some of which may not yet have become obvious.  At Wizard Labels, we wish all our customers, friends and neighbors best wishes for a safe and healthy future.

As an essential part of the supply chain, we continue to serve as best we can – with many unusual measures in place to minimize risk to our employees, without whom we could not continue to produce product labels for the everyday items we all take for granted.  After all, could you imagine walking down the aisles of your favorite supermarket or neighborhood store whose shelves were stacked with products without labels?  That would make for a very interesting shopping adventure, that’s for sure.

One very obvious impact of the current crisis is a massive increase in demand for sanitizers, and that of course translates into corresponding demand for sanitizer labels – without which you’d be left guessing what the bottle contains.  In our own experience, our production of sanitizer labels in recent weeks has escalated beyond anything we would have imagined – until Covid 19 made its appearance of course.  Which is the primary reason behind this message, as follows:

We have been bombarded with requests from customers (new and old) requesting special priority in filling their orders – often pleading with us to treat their order as the only one providing much-needed help to people and front-line responders.  While we are working 24×7 to keep the production lines rolling, we cannot (and will not) juggle orders for labels based on some emotional pressure.  Please understand that you’re not the only ones trying to fill a desperate need. 

One of the basic business principles at Wizard Labels throughout our history has been “first in, first out” – because we firmly believe that accepting rush fees (not an uncommon practice in many industries, including ours) is nothing short of profiteering.  Our standard industry-leading 2-day production turn-times don’t leave much room for rushes anyway, but regardless we are committed to delivering our very best service to ALL our customers.

In short, you can rely on us to treat your order with the same priority as all others – so please don’t ask for special treatment.  Our customer service staff can do nothing to move your order ahead of others, so the best way for you to receive your labels promptly is to make sure your artwork is press-ready when you submit it and you approve your proofs promptly.  You may also choose to upgrade your shipping method from our standard free 2-day UPS delivery at a minimal cost, but please understand that UPS is also under unprecedented stress and no guarantees are possible and we can accept no responsibility for late deliveries.

Our staff assign orders to production based on the sequence in which proof approvals are received – with no exceptions.  Similarly we do not accept “no proof needed” instructions; every order must be properly proofed or we run the very real risk of producing either the wrong labels or a poor product that you can’t use.

We wish you all the very best of health and hope we can all come through these unprecedented times with as little stress as possible.  We promise to continue doing our part as best we can.