Jar Labels

While the product inside your jars is what matters the most, your customers won’t know that—unless your jar labels catch their attention. Because your products are competing against so many other choices on the shelf, you can’t afford to settle for second-best. That’s why Wizard Labels prints jar labels on precision engineered high-speed presses using only the highest quality label material.

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Challenges with Jar Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Jar Labels Need to Tell the Brand Story

Your jar labels need to catch the eye of your customer, and that means they need to look picture-perfect. Jar labels also need to communicate exactly what makes your product unique.


Wizard Labels Uses Only State-Of-The-Art Presses

Wizard Labels utilizes the latest printing technology to deliver a superior finished product. Our unique selection of materials and laminates provides you with appealing jar labels that are dependably crisp and colorful, every time.


Jar Labels Need to Last the Lifetime of the Product

Jar labels face difficult challenges. They have to stay attached and keep looking great throughout the life of your product, despite repeated handling, moisture, temperature changes, humidity, and spills.


Wizard Labels Are Made to Last

Our most popular label material is BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene), a specially-created labeling material that is durable, hard-wearing, immune to temperature fluctuations, stain resistant, acid resistant, solvent resistant, and effectively impervious to moisture and other elements. BOPP will keep looking great as long as your customer is using your product. To see our BOPP labels in person, request a free label sample pack now.