Custom Bath and Body Product Labels That Make Your Brand Shine

Make your bath and body products shine with labels designed to highlight what makes your brand special. With our help, your products will grab attention and captivate shoppers, and spark interest.

At Wizard Labels, we're all about creating labels that not only embody your brand's spirit but also thrive amidst the challenges of moisture, oil, and daily use. With our expertise, your labels will stand out on the shelf and endure in the shower.

A Material Difference: Tailored to Your Needs

We offer materials designed for durability and appeal:

  • White BOPP Plastic: Ideal for oil-resistant and waterproof labels, perfect for shampoo bottles and hand sanitizers.
  • Clear BOPP Plastic: Creates a seamless "no-label" look, great for showcasing the purity of cosmetics and face wash.
  • Chrome BOPP Plastic: Adds a luxurious metallic touch to products like lip balm and high-end cosmetics.

For a touch of nature or a rustic vibe, choose from our paper options:

  • Bright White Felt: Textured for an artisanal charm, suited for body butters and scrubs.
  • Kraft Paper: Exudes an organic feel, wonderful for handmade soap labels.
  • Estate: Signifies premium quality, perfect for upscale body scrubs and butters.

Finish with Flair: Your Labels, Your Look

Your product's final look is pivotal. Choose from finishes like glossy for a brilliant shine, soft touch matte for elegance, matte for a contemporary vibe, or thermal transfer gloss matte for durability and style.

Shape Your Brand's Identity

Embrace your uniqueness with shapes that tell your story. The shape of your label can dramatically impact the customer's perception and interaction with your product. Here's how different shapes can enhance the appeal of various bath and body products:

Bath & Body Product Label Shapes

Rectangle Labels

Ideal for shower gel and shampoo bottles, providing ample space for ingredient lists and regulatory information while maintaining a sleek, modern appearance.

Square Labels

Works wonderfully on face cream jars, creating a bold and balanced look that stands out on any vanity table.

Circle Labels

Perfect for round soap bars, aligning with the product’s shape for a cohesive and harmonious design.

Oval Labels

Suited for essential oil rollers and smaller lotion bottles, offering a soft, elegant profile that’s easy to hold and use.

Special Shapes

Consider unique die-cut shapes for products like bath bombs or lip balms, which can mirror the product’s silhouette or theme, making them irresistible and distinctive on the shelf.

Sizing Up Success: Ideal Label Dimensions

Choosing the right size for your bath and body product labels is as crucial as selecting the shape. The size of the label can influence the visual impact of your product and the amount of information you can include.

Here are some popular label sizes and how they complement different bath and body items:

Bath & Body Product Label Shapes

Compact Labels for Small Products

Size Example: 1″ x 2″ – Perfect for items like lip balm tubes or small essential oil bottles, where space is limited but branding impact is crucial.

Medium Labels for Versatile Use

Size Example: 2″ x 3″ – Ideal for a wide range of products including hand sanitizer bottles, medium-sized lotion bottles, and facial cleansers, offering a balance between branding and product information.

Large Labels for Maximum Impact

Size Example: 3″ x 5″ or larger – Best suited for bigger items like body wash bottles, large shampoo containers, or jumbo lotions, providing ample space for engaging visuals, detailed ingredient lists, and usage instructions.

Wrap-Around Labels for 360° Visibility

Size Example: Varies based on bottle circumference – Wrap-around labels offer continuous design flow and increased area for branding and product details, perfect for cylindrical items like body scrubs, shower gels, and more.

Custom Sizes for Unique Needs

Don’t feel confined to standard sizes. Custom-sized labels can be tailored to fit any product, ensuring your brand stands out and every inch of the label space is utilized effectively.