Custom Cosmetic Labels

You don’t have to look hard to find cosmetic products. The wide range of choices easily overwhelms customers. How will your products stand out from the rest? From mascara to lipstick and everything in between, the product label is one of the most important factors when shoppers are choosing which brand of cosmetic products to purchase.

A custom printed product label is the visual cue that captures customer attention and helps make sure your cosmetic product is chosen when shoppers make that all-important buying decision.

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Challenges with Cosmetic Product Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


I want to stock just enough of my Cosmetic Labels , and not have any waste or cash tied up in inventory

My cosmetic products are in constant fluctuation, we are always trying to innovate. Some of our experiments are very successful, hence we need product labels quickly. Other experiments may not be successful and we need to stock the minimum number of labels possible to reduce waste.


Wizard Supports Just-in-Time Inventory

Digital printing means you can order much smaller quantities at a very affordable price than traditional printing. Digital printing encourages you to order when you need it, reducing waste and keeping your cash available for investing in your new products.


Cosmetic Labels are exposed to daily use by oily hands and water exposure

Cosmetic labels reside in the bathroom where they are exposed to water or your purse where they are exposed to constant wear and tear. I want my cosmetic labels to look the same from the time they are purchased to the time they are recycled.


Wizard Labels prints on only high quality, durable label materials.

Your product label should be a professional product label, manufactured on high quality equipment and using high quality materials. Wizard uses plastic label materials (rather than paper), to create your professional labels for cosmetics, which make your printed product labels extremely durable and able to withstand day to day use for an extended time.