Custom Cosmetic Labels

When it comes to the beauty industry, standout packaging is key to catching the eye of consumers. At Wizard Labels, we specialize in custom cosmetic labels that combine durability with eye-catching design.
Whether for online storefronts or retail shelves, our labels ensure your products don’t just blend into the background.

Why Opt for BOPP Labels?

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is a favorite in the cosmetics sector for good reason. This plastic-based material is known for its strength, clarity, and resistance to water and oil—perfect for the diverse environments cosmetics encounter.
Whether it’s a moisturizer prone to oily hands or a shower gel exposed to water, BOPP labels keep your branding crisp and clear.

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Choose the Perfect Match for Your Cosmetic Line:

  • Shapes for Every Container: Rectangle, square, circle, oval, or custom designs for unique packaging.
  • Material Choices Tailored to Your Needs: From traditional white BOPP to ultra-clear options, find the material that suits your product's aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Finishing Touches That Matter: Select from gloss, soft touch matte, matte, and thermal transfer finishes to enhance your labels’ look and longevity.

Extensive Range, Extensive Appeal:

Our labels are suited for an array of cosmetic products, including nail polish, facial serums, eyeshadow palettes, and skincare treatments. We understand the cosmetic industry's unique needs and craft labels that meet these requirements head-on.

Understanding Tight Mandrel and Adhesive Options:

  • Our tight mandrel technology is perfect for small-diameter items, ensuring labels adhere smoothly without wrinkling.
  • Choose from removable to permanent adhesives based on your product's lifecycle and usage, ensuring your labels stay in place from the first use to the last.

With unlimited colors for vibrant, true-to-brand designs and free two-business-day delivery after production, launching your beautifully labeled products has never been easier.


Challenges with Cosmetic Product Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Balancing Innovation with Inventory: Finding the Sweet Spot for Cosmetic Labels

In the fast-paced world of cosmetic products, staying ahead means constant innovation. But how do you keep up without overstocking labels or wasting resources? With trends shifting and new formulas emerging, some launches soar while others pivot, making inventory management for labels a tricky balancing act.


Streamlined Label Ordering with Digital Printing: Flexibility Meets Efficiency

Embrace the agility your cosmetic line demands with our digital printing services. Ideal for brands on the move, our approach lets you order exactly what you need, when you need it—no more, no less. Enjoy the freedom to experiment without the burden of excess inventory, thanks to low minimums and cost-effective pricing. Digital printing not only aligns with your innovative spirit but also supports your just-in-time inventory strategy, freeing up cash flow for where it counts: your next big idea.


Ensuring Durability in the Face of Daily Wear

Cosmetic labels face a tough life—from the moisture-laden environment of bathrooms to the hustle and bustle of being carried around in purses. The challenge is ensuring these labels retain their pristine appearance, from purchase to recycle bin, despite constant exposure to water, oils, and physical wear.


Durability Meets Beauty: Waterproof and Oil-Proof Labels

Our solution focuses on resilience without compromising on aesthetics. Utilizing advanced materials and finishes, our labels are designed to withstand the harsh realities of daily use. Waterproof, oil-proof, and tear-resistant, they ensure your cosmetic labels stay as beautiful as the day they were applied, safeguarding your brand's image and your customer's experience.

FAQs: Custom Cosmetic Labels

What is the best shape for my cosmetic bottle?

Finding the perfect label shape can feel like a puzzle, but it’s really about highlighting your product’s best features. Consider the container’s size and curves—oval and rectangle labels suit sleek, elongated bottles, while circles and squares can make a bold statement on compact products.
For truly unique containers, a custom special shape might be just the ticket. Think of it as dressing your product for success: the right outfit makes all the difference!

Are these labels easy for me to apply by hand?

Absolutely! We know that not everyone has access to professional labeling equipment, so we’ve designed our labels to be user-friendly. Whether you’re labeling a small batch from your kitchen table or gearing up for larger production, you can apply our labels smoothly and without fuss.
Plus, our team is always on standby with tips and tricks to make the application process as easy as pie—or, in this case, as smoothing on your favorite cream!

Are cosmetic labels water and oil proof?

Yes, they are! We understand that cosmetic products lead adventurous lives—from splashes of water in the bathroom to encounters with oils in beauty routines. That’s why our labels are crafted to be both water and oil proof.
So go ahead, let your products dive into daily routines without fear. Your labels will stay looking fresh and fabulous, just like the day they were applied, protecting your brand’s image and ensuring customer satisfaction.