Gourmet Specialty Food Labels

Gourmet specialty foods are, just as their name implies, special. Not typically found at the local grocery store, they are the result of endless hours of craftsmanship by artisan producers. Ranging from oils and vinegar’s to jams and jellies, gourmet specialty foods offer an endless array of possibilities for indulging culinary cravings. Often given as gifts at parties and during the holidays, the custom gourmet food labels need to be as special as what is inside the bottle, jar or box.

Custom gourmet food labels help make sure your product is chosen when shoppers make that all-important buying decision.

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Challenges with Specialty Food Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Specialty Food Labels Need to Last

A particular ingredient with an uncommon use may hunker down in the customer’s cabinets for many months. While there, the gourmet food label can’t spoil, unfurl, or show wear and tear before the food inside the package does.


Wizard Labels Uses High Quality Plastic Materials

Wizard Labels prints commercial grade product labels - not cheap stickers. Our labels are printed in high-quality plastic materials and printed on commercial digital label presses. The label is your brand, you want it to look as good when it comes to re-ordering the product as when your customer initially purchased your product.


Your Specialty Food Label Needs to Stand Out

Specialty food is all about choice, and in virtually all food market segments there is a wealth of choice. Often with specialty food a photo realistic image of your product is the best form of promotion for your brand.


Wizard Prints your labels on High-End Digital Presses

A digital press combined with the right label material and finishing allows you to show off your specialty food product with photo-realistic quality images.