Custom Lip Balm Labels

Lip Balm products are everywhere, in varying flavors and containers, they are the ubiquitous “stick tubes” that almost everyone carries. They have a replaceable cap to protect the contents and a twist mechanism that pushes the lip balm up inside the tube as it gets consumed.

Lip Balm is a very hot promotional product. Creating custom lip balm tube labels are an affordable way to keep your brand traveling with your customer and on a product they potentially could use every day.

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Challenges with Lip Balm Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Lip Balm Labels Need to Adhere Reliably to Small Tubes

Lip Balm sticks fall into what the custom label printing industry calls “tight mandrel” containers – i.e. cylindrical tubes with a very small diameter (usually about a half-inch across). When you wrap a product label around something that small, the material has a natural tendency to “unravel” back to its normal (flat) position, which means your beautiful product labels could potentially begin to lift away from your sticks - even while they're on the shelf.


Wizard Uses High Quality Adhesives & Specific Materials

At Wizard we carry a special material called White BOPP (Tight Mandrel), which has a more-aggressive adhesive that resists this unfurling tendency.

Wizard Suggests a Lip Balm Label Design Template with Overlap Area

Our recommended lip balm tube label design template (see below) includes an “Overlap Area”. The purpose of this area is for the product label to wrap completely around the lip balm tube and overlap a short way onto itself – thereby further strengthening the bond and helping to prevent unraveling.


Lip Balm Label Customers Want to Order Small Quantities of Different Label Versions

Whether you’re promoting your brand by using lip balm as a promotional product or you’re launching your own lip balm product line, most customers want a variety of flavors and designs.


Wizard Uses High-End Digital Label Printing Presses & Optimized Production Techniques

At Wizard we print on the highest quality digital presses available. Digital printing of custom product labels is more affordable when you need many versions of the same label group (size, shape). At Wizard we group labels together in the same press run to save you money and to save us time (getting your labels to you sooner). The result is you get high-quality product labels quickly, in as many versions as you need without sacrificing quality or durability.


The Product Label Should Inform Lip Balm Users the Product is “Tamper Free”

If you’re putting your brand onto the lip balm label or you’ve created the best new lip balm product line, you want to provide your customers with the assurance that your product is “tamper free”.


Wizard Includes a Perforated “tamper-proof seal” for Lip Balm Label Designs

With labels for lip balm, it’s especially important to include some form of tamper-proof seal that extends onto the cap – so the consumer can be confident they’re the first person to have used the product. Wizard has invested in special dies to make your custom lip balm tube labels with a perforated area that gets separated by twisting the cap – if the seal hasn’t been broken then you know it hasn’t been used or tampered with. We've also created a lip balm design template to help you or your designer create accurate lip balm label designs (see below).