Custom Product Labels for Personal Care Products

Personal care products are ubiquitous these days. The wide range of choices can quickly overwhelm customers. How will your product label stand out from the other bath and body labels? From body lotions to shampoos and everything in between, the product label is one of the most important factors when shoppers are choosing which brand of cosmetic products to purchase.

A custom personal care label is the visual cue that captures the attention of a customer and helps make sure your product is chosen when shoppers make that all-important buying decision.

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Challenges with Personal Care Product Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


My Personal Care Product Line is Constantly Changing

We are an innovative company that is constantly experimenting with new products, new variations, new formulas so we can extend our brand and give our customers more choice. We need our label provider to be flexible and fast.


Wizard Labels is Built for Speed and Flexibility

At Wizard, we realize that the only constant is change, so we've invested heavily in digital technology and our online ordering platform. You can order when it's convenient to you, and we normally ship your product labels just two days after you approve the proof.


My Personal Care Product Line is Heavily Used and Exposed to Moisture

My products live in bathrooms where moisture can hit them from every direction, splashes from the sink and steam from the shower. I need my personal care labels to withstand moisture and heavy usage so they look just as good when it's time to reorder as they did when the customer initially purchased.


Wizard Produces Professional Grade Product Labels

At Wizard, we use high-quality plastic, water-resistent materials, print on commercial grade digital presses, and use high-quality finishes to protect your labels for body products. All this investment ensures your brand will survive the rigors of high usage and moisture exposure.