Custom Food Labels

In recent years we’ve witnessed an explosion in gourmet, ethnic, and specialty food products. Whether seen on grocery store shelves or a community farmers' market, custom product labels from Wizard Labels make your product instantly recognizable by your target consumers. Our leading-edge digital presses produce photo quality images, allowing you to showcase your products in their finest glory with food label printing of exceptional quality.

Food product labels involve unique challenges as each label must appear as fresh as the brand and product it portrays. Your product may live in demanding environments – variable temperature, high humidity or refrigeration for example – for months or even years. In such conditions the product label can’t spoil, unfurl, or show wear and tear before the food inside the package does.

Wizard Labels prints commercial grade product labels – not cheap stickers that wither the first time your customer opens the container. Our custom food labels are printed using the latest digital techniques, using high-quality materials for longer-lasting results.