Custom Candle Labels

Scented candles are made with wax and fragrant oils and give off a pleasing aroma when burning. A common household item, scented candles are also very popular during holiday seasons and are a relatively inexpensive gift. Scented candles are one of our more popular custom label products; the customer demand for a wide variety of fragrances fits in perfectly with the Wizard all-digital printing strategy.

The custom candle label is the visual cue that captures customer attention and is the primary marketing tool to help you stand out in a crowded field. Create custom labels for candles with Wizard Labels.

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Challenges with Candle Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Candle Labels have so many variations, some more popular than others

Every season has a couple signature scents. Some are more popular than others, so will it break the bank if I want to order a lot of one scented candle label and just a few of another scent?


Wizard Labels “gangs” your Scented Candle Label orders and can vary quantities of each version

Who could mistake the Green Apple for anything else, and an orange Pumpkin is certainly easy to identify. These two labels can be on the same press run despite their drastic color differences. Wizard Labels makes them part of a larger "combined" run with many other versions, which brings the unit price down. The only restrictions for combined runs (called "ganging") are that the label versions must all be the same size and on the same material. And you can even mix and match quantities within a single run - thereby ordering more labels for your popular styles and less for the slow-movers.


My candle labels include photos that need to be photorealistic

Those green apples and orange pumpkins scented candles won’t be convincing if your candle label is run with a low quality press. Poor image quality can make photos look unrealistic and turn your customers off from your product.


Wizard uses Digital Presses that produce photorealistic images

Digital label printing really excels when the custom candle label displays a high-quality photo of the contents or ingredients contained in the product. We use only the best digital presses available, and the results are phenomenal.