Dietary Supplement Labels

The nutraceutical and dietary supplements industry is booming. It seems like there are over 500 products for every imaginable condition, from simple vitamins to life-changing enhancement formulations of every kind. How will your products stand out from the rest? The nutraceutical product label is the biggest differentiator when most consumers make purchasing decisions. The ingredients in your product are critical and the product label is where they look for that information.

Custom supplement labels are is the visual cue that captures customer attention and keeps it with the valuable ingredient information about your product.

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Challenges with Dietary Supplement Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Can my Dietary Supplement do short runs?

Since dietary supplements often have to chase trends, their packaging lifespan is shorter then a majority of other products. If people are cutting carbs – it needs to reflect the minimal amount of carbs it has right on the label. People want more protein; the label needs to showcase that. But will these short runs bankrupt you?


Wizard prints your custom supplement labels on digital presses that support short runs

Wizard uses cutting-edge digital presses that can provide short runs with complete flexibility. Monday orders to be delivered on Friday. The quick turnaround allows you to order your “just in time” of when you need them.


My Dietary Supplement Labels need to change often due to regulatory compliance

My industry is often under the scrutiny of regulatory bodies who mandate certain communication on the product label. I never print too many of my product labels because I know regulations could change and I would have wasted inventory on my hands.


Wizard Supports Just-in-Time Inventory and Easy Reordering

Your product and your product label have to keep up with the market and the regulatory bodies. With our supplement label printing services, you can print just enough product labels for your demand and then easily reorder from Wizard, either maintaining current artwork or simply swapping out artwork with updated regulatory text.