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BOPP Plastic Labels

The go-to choice for professional product labels. Available in white, clear, or chrome.


Eco-Friendly Paper Labels

Give your products an earthy look and feel with sustainable paper labels.


Estate Paper Labels

Add an extra touch of intrigue to your product labels with memorable textures.


Most of our BOPP materials are available with a gloss or matte laminate finish. Find the answers to your materials questions and more in our Materials Guide..

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Rectangle Labels

Whether you need square or rectangle labels, we can accommodate virtually any size you need, with edges cut to perfection.

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Circle Labels

Circle and oval-shaped labels, available in a variety of adhesives, sizes, and materials to fit your needs.

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Custom Shape Labels

From stars to semi-circles to any bizarre shape you can think of, we can print your custom labels in nearly any shape with no additional die cutting fee.

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See the magic for yourself. Request a free sample kit!

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Foil Accent Labels

  • Light-catching and durable foil
  • Available in dozens of colors
  • Can be added to all or part of a design
  • Available with or without embossing

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Embossed Labels

  • Adds a memorable texture
  • Adds emphasis to design elements
  • Emboss all or part of a design
  • Available with or without foil accents

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Beauty & Personal Care Labels

  • Stands up well to frequent contact with oil and water
  • Available with various adhesives, sizes, and shapes to fit nearly any container

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Cannabis Product Labels

  • Quick turnaround helps you comply with government requirements
  • Consistent, high quality means your labels look great on any container

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Beer, Wine & Spirits Labels

  • Available in moisture-blocking materials that hold up well to cold temperatures
  • High quality options for bottles, cans, growlers & more

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E-Liquid Product Labels

  • High resolution printing makes sure the text on your label is legible
  • Our plastic label materials are water & oil-proof, making them the ideal choice for e-liquid containers.

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Food & Drink Labels

  • All of our label materials are FDA-approved for incidental food contact
  • Durable materials that hold up to changes in temperature and moisture

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Household Product Labels

  • Vibrant, high resolution printing for communicating vital safety information
  • Durable, moisture-proof plastic materials

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FAQs: Custom Product Labels

What shapes and sizes are available for custom labels?

Our labels are available in a variety of shapes including rectangle, square, circle, oval, and special shapes, accommodating a wide range of products.

For instance, a circular label might be perfect for the top of a jar of handmade jam, enhancing its artisanal appeal, while a rectangular label would suit a sleek, minimalist skincare product line, offering ample space for ingredients and branding.

Our special shapes option allows for unique designs that can make your product stand out on the shelves.

How do custom product labels benefit my business?

Custom labels are a powerful tool for enhancing your brand’s visibility and appeal. They allow you to tailor your packaging to your brand’s unique identity, making your products instantly recognizable.

This personal touch can significantly increase your product’s attractiveness on the shelf, setting you apart from competitors and potentially boosting sales.

Custom labels also offer the flexibility to incorporate key product information and branding elements in a cohesive design that resonates with your target audience.

Can your labels accommodate various product types across different industries?

Absolutely, our labels are versatile enough to meet the diverse needs of any product type, from the food and beverage sector to health and beauty products.

We understand that each industry has unique requirements, and our custom labels are designed to highlight your product’s best features, ensuring it stands out, regardless of its market.

What customization options do embossed and foil labels offer?

Our embossed labels add a tactile dimension to your product packaging with raised designs, providing a premium feel. Foil labels, on the other hand, bring a luxurious shine with their metallic finish, catching the customer’s eye and enhancing the product’s visual appeal.

These options are perfect for brands looking to elevate their packaging with a sophisticated touch.

How do your labels stand up to environmental factors like water and oil?

Our labels are designed with durability in mind, featuring water-resistant and oil-resistant properties.

This makes them ideal for products exposed to challenging environments, such as beverages, cosmetics, and food items, ensuring your labels remain intact and legible, preserving your brand’s image and product information.

How can I easily order custom labels from your website?

Ordering custom labels from our website is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. First, select the label shape and size that best fits your product.

Next, choose your material and finish, and then upload your design or use our online design tool to create your label.

Our step-by-step guide will assist you through the process, ensuring your custom labels are perfectly tailored to your needs.