Custom Tea Labels: Brew Your Brand's Story

Crafted to Perfection: Tea Branding That Speak Volumes

Wizard Labels specializes in creating tea labels that visually reflect the uniqueness of your tea. Understanding that each tea brand has a story to tell, we offer a range of high-quality materials tailored to protect and enhance your product’s presentation.

Our Premium Label Materials

The choice of material is as crucial as the design itself. Here’s how our materials stand up to the challenges of packaging:

  • White BOPP Plastic: Durable and resistant to water and oil, keeping your labels pristine.
  • Ultra-Clear BOPP Plastic: For a “no-label” look while offering oil and water resistance.
  • Kraft Paper: An eco-friendly option that adds a natural, organic feel to your packaging.
  • Chrome BOPP Plastic: Offers a metallic finish for standout shelf appeal, with waterproof and oil-resistant properties.

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Challenges with Tea Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


I'm worried about my tea labels peeling off or getting damaged when the products are refrigerated or exposed to moisture.


At Wizard Labels, we understand the importance of durability, especially for products that face moisture or refrigeration.

Our labels are printed with waterproof and oil-resistant materials like BOPP plastic, ensuring your labels stay intact and vibrant, no matter the conditions. This means your tea products can withstand refrigeration and moisture without compromising the label's quality or appearance.


As a small tea brand, I struggle with the high minimum order quantities required by many label printing companies, which restricts my ability to launch new and limited-edition teas.


Wizard Labels specializes in supporting small businesses and startups by offering low minimum order quantities.

This flexibility allows you to print exactly what you need, when you need it, without unnecessary excess. It's perfect for launching new flavors, limited editions, or even small-batch seasonal teas. We make it easy and cost-effective to keep your labeling as fresh as your tea.

Label Sizes and Shapes for Every Type of Tea Packaging

Tea Boxes: The Classic Choice

  • Size: 3″ x 5″ rectangular labels offer ample space for essential branding, ingredient information, and brewing instructions.
  • Shape: Traditional rectangular or square labels provide a clean, classic look that’s perfect for tea boxes, aligning with the conventional aesthetic of shelf-ready products.

Loose Leaf Pouches: Flexible and Functional

  • Size: 4″ x 6″ labels cater to larger pouches, ensuring there’s plenty of room for detailed product descriptions, health benefits, and origin stories.
  • Shape: Rectangular labels with rounded corners offer a softer, more approachable look that complements the flexible nature of pouch packaging.

Tea Tins: Seal Your Tea with Style

  • Size: Circular labels with a 3″ diameter are ideal for covering tea tin lids, while 2″ x 8″ wrap-around labels exceptionally wrap around the body of the packaging.
  • Shape: Use round labels for the lids and slim rectangles to wrap the tin, making a unified look.

Tea Bags: Small but Mighty

  • Size: Compact 2″ x 2″ labels are perfect for individual tea bags, providing just enough space for branding and concise brewing instructions.
  • Shape: Choosing square or circular labels adds a memorable touch to each tea bag, enhancing the user experience.

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FAQs: Custom Tea Labels

Can Wizard Labels accommodate both loose leaf and tea bag packaging?

Absolutely! Our custom label solutions are designed to fit any tea packaging need, ensuring your product shines on the shelf or in the cupboard.

How can I make sure my tea label design is unique?

Our design team works closely with you to incorporate elements that reflect your brand’s story and tea’s unique characteristics, ensuring your label stands out.

What's the turnaround time for custom label orders?

We pride ourselves on efficiency. After design approval, our process ensures your labels are printed and shipped promptly, so you can get your tea into the hands of customers faster.