Custom Product Labels for
E-Liquids, Vapes

With e-cigarettes booming in popularity and the flavor options appearing to be endless, their disposable e-liquid refills have become a regularly purchased item for the 10% of millennials that now vape.

The e-juice labels have to represent a confident brand in the new space while also providing numerous unique details about each product. In a new market, early adopters of your brand are important for relevance in the next decade – but having a cheap vape liquid labels that peel or displays misinformation could cost you future repeat customers.

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Challenges with E-Liquid Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


e-Liquid Labels Have Many Versions

There are a myriad of e-liquid flavors with sizes ranging from 5ml to 30ml. But that's just the beginning - because all these products are also available in a range of nicotine strengths, so the labeling challenge is significant when you take all these variations into account. If you went to a traditional label printer, the plate costs alone would bankrupt the average e-liquid vendor, but digital printing makes it much more manageable.


Wizard Optimizes Production on Digital Label Printing Presses

As long as you "gang" all the labels of a single size together, you get the combined pricing for all those versions. We then run all those versions of the vape liquid labels at the same time, achieving significant savings. You can even vary the quantities within an order - some versions may sell better than others, so you can mix the quantities within the run.


e-Liquid Labels Have to Adhere to Small Bottles

Smaller e-liquid bottles are a label's worst nightmare, because labels naturally want to revert back to their flat form and have a tendency to "unfurl" and become unstuck over time - but there are a couple of tricks that can make this less likely.


Wizard Labels Uses High Quality Adhesives & Specific Materials

To keep the label stuck to very small bottles, we use "Tight Mandrel BOPP" material - it's a polypropylene label stock which is extremely resistant to wear, tear, and moisture. Plus it has a stronger adhesive to achieve a better bond with the container. Note - as the bottle size increases, the need for these special tricks begins to diminish - but on smaller bottles it's almost an essential part of the process if you want your labels to stay in place and look good.


The Product Label May Be Exposed to Moisture

It's quite likely that your customers may spill some juice down the sides of the bottles during use. Paper labels quickly deteriorate when exposed to any moisture, and this is even more pronounced when sticky e-juice is involved.


Wizard Labels Uses Plastic Label Materials to provide a moisture-proof barrier

Our use of robust plastic materials ensures the quality of your presentation will not be affected by the inevitable clumsiness of your consumer.