Campaign Labels vs Stickers

Here we go again – it seems like we’re constantly in an election process somewhere in the country. Election season is beginning to heat up, and potential candidates are gearing up for anything from student government elections, to local municipal positions, all the way up to the numerous campaigns for the U.S. presidential nominations. ​One question that we’re often asked by customers (especially during election season) is “What is the difference between labels and stickers and which should I choose?”.

To the casual observer, there may not be any obvious difference between a label and a sticker. Both labels and stickers consist of a substrate (material) that a design is printed onto, and they both have adhesive backing allowing them to attach to something. Indeed, perhaps the only significant difference between labels vs. stickers is the intended usage – or as we often say here at Wizard Labels, “labels are intended to SELL something (usually a product), whereas stickers mostly SAY something (like Vote for Joe Bloggs)”. Hence, in the political scenario, we usually talk about Campaign Stickers – even if the candidates are actually trying to sell themselves. Disheartening, isn’t it?

While we focus primarily on product labels here at Wizard Labels, the fact is that the same processes and equipment work perfectly well for “stickers”. There is one minor caveat – our equipment is specially set up to produce rolls (not sheets) because product labels typically get applied using mechanical equipment, which only works efficiently with continuous rolls. Most companies that specialize in stickers will usually print them on sheets instead of rolls – and which approach you prefer is a personal choice. In the end, practical implications might be over-ridden by cost, so feel free to use our Instant Online Quoter (over there on the right side of the page) and do some comparative pricing for yourself.

Also keep in mind that we offer super-fast production times (usually 2 days from approval time) and we also ship your labels (or stickers) free to anywhere in the US. Just like during election fever, it’s important to look behind the facade and compare the total picture – it’s so easy to be blind-sided when you’re comparing apples and oranges without even knowing it. Sound familiar?

So, while we do not specialize in “stickers” at Wizard Labels, we are most definitely able to print promotional stickers that will get your message out to the public. Make your own product labels or promotional stickers with our digital printing presses. If you have more questions or aren’t quite sure about which printing choice you should make for your campaign stickers or labels, feel free to contact us! Unlike many politicians, we won’t make promises we can’t keep.