Coffee Labels: What You Need To Know


What You Need To Know About Labels For Everyone’s Favorite Drink

The days of the coffee giants are in the past, and the rise of custom coffee has begun. Consumers are beginning to see the draw of small-batch coffee. This development is exciting, but it does pose a new challenge: how can custom coffee makers stand out?

Custom coffee labels allow consumers to get a glimpse of your brand, mission, and style before they take the first sip of coffee. Understanding the design and creation process for coffee bag labels is the first step to launching your product to the top of the charts.

Coffee Label Examples

Coffee labels can come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Creating a label that reflects your style and unique flavor while delivering all crucial information to your customers can be trickier than it sounds.

Referencing coffee label examples from grocery stores near you and via online research can help you determine the right direction for your brand. Once you have completed the brainstorming process and determined a rough idea of what you want your coffee labels to look like, it’s time to begin the design process.

Design Process

Designing the label for your custom coffee is an exciting process – but it can feel overwhelming! Begin by identifying the elements you need and want to include on your label.

The FDA requires all food (including coffee) labels to include the following information:

  • Product identity
  • Net contents (weight)
  • Nutrition facts
  • Ingredient declaration
  • Allergen information
  • Contact information

Incorporating all of these details in the required format and size is critical for the health of your brand and your consumers. Unfortunately, labels with errors or missing mandatory information can cause product recalls.

On top of the mandatory information, including more details about your custom coffee product can help you appeal to your target customer base.

For example, be sure to include badges on your labels if you meet the set requirements for specifications such as:

  • Premium Quality
  • Fair Trade
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • USDA Organic
  • Bird Friendly
  • Single Origin

Be sure to specify whether the coffee is a light, medium, or dark roast, and consider adding notes about the flavor profile. You may also want to incorporate a summary of your brand story or mission into your label. Today’s consumers are thoughtful about where they spend their money, so the more they can come to know you through your label, the better!

In addition to clarifying the contents of your label, the design process requires you to choose graphics, such as a logo, and the label’s colors, shape, and texture. Whether this is the very first batch of coffee you’re putting on the shelves, or you’re simply performing an overhaul on your labels, it’s important to consider each of these elements carefully.

Your logo should quickly show customers what makes your brand unique and what you’re most proud of. Choosing contrasting colors for your label and text can help keep all information legible and allow graphics to grab the eye.

Wizard Label coffee labels come in a variety of shapes:

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Circle
  • Special (custom shape)

In many cases, custom coffee producers create multiple different variations of their products. Unfortunately, this poses a costly problem when working with some label makers. However, Wizard Labels offers an easy solution by combining multiple variations of the same label in the same press run using the highest quality digital presses. This capability allows you to differentiate your special products and keep your labels accurate without driving up costs.

Types of Label Materials for Coffee Labels

With Wizard Labels, choose from a wide variety of materials for your custom coffee labels. Make selections based on criteria such as whether you’ll apply the labels by hand or with machinery. Choose the type of adhesive that works best for your overall product design.

As a coffee maker, you know that coffee labels require especially durable and resilient materials. Because coffee bags are generally opened and resealed day after day, it is crucial to use a label material that won’t tear or scrunch beyond recognition. With high-quality BOPP (plastic) material for coffee labels, Wizard Labels ensures the best durability and longevity for your most powerful brand representation.

With a fully automated system and instant quoting software, Wizard Labels makes it easy to design and order your labels. Make your selections to get an instant quote!


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