Custom Labels For Beverages

Have you ever noticed how many different product labels are displayed in a typical wine or beverage store?  The competition is enormous, as every vendor wants their product to stand out from the pack. There are many ways to achieve this result – quite a common one is by adding all kinds of “bling” to the product label (maybe gold foil, embossing, multiple labels to draw the eye), which can certainly have an impact but can also add significant cost to the equation. Another method frequently used is to focus on creating a cute “brand” image – maybe a stylized animal that appeals to the warm and cuddly emotions of the shopper.

Design a Custom Label That Stands Out From the Crowd

With digital label printing, we can add extra options into the mix that cannot be easily replicated using traditional presses. For example, it’s extremely simple to add “serialization” to your product labels while they’re being printed – which can help create a feeling of exclusivity (similar to an artist signing numbered prints). If your customer sees that they’re buying bottle number 726 of a 5,000 bottle run, they immediately get a better understanding that this wine (or other beverage) is not produced by the tanker-load.

Similarly, it’s very simple to create multiple designs of your custom beverage labels for the same product and print them all in a single run. Imagine introducing some complementary designs to add “something different” when they’re side by side on the shelf. Why settle for a single product label design that some shoppers may not find attractive?  Mix your custom beverage labels up a little and increase your shelf appeal, all while still perpetuating your unique brand.  With digital label printing, the only limitation is your creativity. Cost is no longer the driving force it has always been with traditional printing of product labels.






As long as labels are the same size, we can print multiple designs in the same run.