Customer Spotlight: Verefina

Meet Verefina, a Salt Lake City-based small business standing at the intersection of nature and health. Its founder, Jen Lugo, has transformed her passion for natural remedies into a line of essential health and beauty products. From their signature natural deodorants to their beloved lip balms, each product is crafted to support and enhance the well-being of its customers with uncompromising purity and efficacy.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you start up the business, and why is your industry so important to you?

“The seed for Verefina was planted in a moment of revelation—a determination to shield my family from toxic ingredients lurking in mainstream products. This ignited a journey deep into the world of natural remedies, leading to the birth of Verefina. It’s been a thrilling ride, turning a protective mom’s mission into a flourishing haven of safe, natural skincare crafted with an extra dollop of love.”

Q: Can you give us a brief description of your business and the types of products you offer?

“At Verefina, we’re passionate about crafting all-natural health and beauty essentials, and we’re proud to say our deodorants are a game changer. Most natural deodorants fall short on effectiveness, but ours are an exception, delighting customers with their reliable performance. Our facial care line nurtures every skin type with gentle, natural ingredients, and our First Aid Stick has become a must-have for quick and soothing relief. Equally beloved are our lip balms, which create such a lasting impression that most users can’t imagine going back to anything else. We’re committed to combining nature’s best, carefully chosen for purity and effectiveness, ensuring your family’s well-being is always in good hands.”

Q: What do you love the most about what you do at Verefina?

“There’s immense joy in reading the glowing reviews about our all-natural Magnesium Deodorant and hearing how it has surpassed expectations in effectiveness. But what equally fills my heart with happiness are the testimonials on our First Aid Stick, detailing how it has improved lives by providing swift, soothing relief. Each piece of feedback is a cherished affirmation that Verefina is not just creating products; we’re making a positive, tangible difference in people’s daily lives.”

Q: What do you love about working with Wizard Labels?

“Teaming up with Wizard Labels has been a dream. They’re the wizards behind making our products pop off the shelf, with labels that tell our story at first glance. It’s a partnership that feels more like a friendship, built on mutual respect and a shared love for quality.”

Q: What are your favorite label materials to use for your products and why?

“I absolutely adore the white BOPP labels in a matte finish for their chic look and practicality. Their waterproof quality is a lifesaver, especially since our products often find a home in bathrooms and showers. It’s essential for us that our labels withstand the splash and steam, staying pretty while doing their job.”

Q: Anything else you would like to add that our small – medium size business owner customers might find interesting or helpful?

“Keeping the ‘My Labels’ section in our Wizard Labels account tidy and current is our secret to smooth operations. We regularly review our uploaded label files, setting the status of outdated ones to ‘inactive’. For files we won’t be using again, I reach out to have them removed. This strategy is especially handy for businesses juggling multiple label designs, making the reordering process efficient and error-free.”

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