International Women's Month - Apothékary

We continue our feature of women owned companies using Wizard Labels for their custom product label needs! Apothékary will make you second guess what ingredients you’re putting in your body and have within your home. Shizu says it’s time to ditch the pharmacy and go for the plant based farmacy. Backed by 5,000 years of holistic medicine and science, their plant-based herbal blends deliver powerful results, naturally.

You can build your own farmacy to include products that help with stress, sleep, skincare, energy, immunity, and more! There are also resources to help customers find the right product for them like a Wellthy quiz, and booking a consult. Class offerings are another option for those wanting to find out more information including tips and tricks.

Apothékary has been a customer with Wizard Labels since 2013. We have enjoyed watching their comapny grow over time and see what transitions they’ve made. They take advantage of using different materials within their product line. One of which is our Chrome BOPP material with a matte finish. This unique material offers endless posibilities when it comes to portraying your brand and displaying your products. You can really bring a label to life with Chrome BOPP when you take advantage of the white layers needed to create the chrome like appearance. Graphic designers usually have fun with these as well.

Printing your product labels on Chrome BOPP is a great way to draw immediate attention to your product in a retail environment. Whether you want to accent a label with chrome elements or want the entire label to “shine on the shelf”, printing your product labels on Chrome BOPP material can help draw attention to a product that you’ve worked extremely hard to develop.


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