International Women's Month - Stacey's Garden

Stacey’s Garden is a local food company committed to a sustainable Maui. Stacey Guinan, owner and founder, operates a small family farm “upcountry”.  Her freshly-made, refrigerated salad dressings are available in stores throughout Maui and all of Hawaii.  Stacey grows a portion of her ingredients on her small farm and she supports other local farmers by buying their produce as well.  Her mission is to be a strong force in the movement toward sustainability in the islands.  Stacey’s Garden aims to create a broad range of food products whose ingredients, as Stacey says, “are grown here, processed here and eaten here.”  Next time you’re on the islands, add a taste of fresh Hawaiian-grown flavors to your favorite salad with salad dressing from Stacey’s Garden.

Stacey’s Garden combines all of the elements for a outstanding overall label. The key elements to be thinking about when designing a label include the following:

Photography & Imagery 

The imagery or photography that is used in a label should help your product stand out from other similar products. Remember, the customer most likely has a lot of options to choose from. The imagery helps your brand POP! The imagery used in Stacey’s Garden products is beautiful in color and reflects the natural ingredients housed in the product itself.

Size & Shape

There are so many options here! And while there is no standard, or right and wrong answer, generally you’ll want to take into consideration the elements you want to include into your label. Specifically graphics, and information you want or are required to include. Stacey’s Garden does a wonderful job balancing the design, and even includes a specially shaped label to help it stand out even more. To learn more about special shaped labels, please contact our customer service team!

Material & Finish

When it comes to both the material and finish of a label, you’ll need to consider the environment the label will be in. If your label needs to withstand the elements such as water, a freezer, or the liquid that is your product, then you’ll most likely want a water proof material. If you’re product will be housed on a shelf such as coffee beans then you can be more relaxed in your material choice.

Color Pallete

We really enjoy how Stacey’s Garden uses their singular brand color uniformally across all of their skus. And then they differenciate the flavors using again not only their graphics, but different color palletes as well.

Contact our customer service team today to find to learn more about how we can help bring your brand to life!

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