Nutraceutical Product Labels

The Nutraceutical and Supplements industry is booming! It seems like there are 500 products for every imaginable thing, from simple vitamins to life-changing enhancement formulations of every kind. How will your products stand out from the rest? Quite simply, nutraceutical and supplement bottle labels are the biggest differentiator when most consumers make purchasing decisions. Sure, ingredients are critical too, but the label is where they look for that information too, right?

A nutraceutical label takes on the same goals as the labels for food and beverages, as well as pharmaceuticals and supplements. In these markets, the nutraceutical and supplement bottle labels serve two purposes – enticing the consumer via pictures and words, as well as providing information regarding directions and ingredients.

With Digital label printing, we have many ways of making a visual difference that will draw the shopper’s eye.  One example is our Metalized Chrome BOPP label material – which is actually a specially treated plastic substrate that looks just like chrome. It’s not really metal at all, but it sure looks like it, and it creates that same perception of high-end quality that the auto manufacturers used it for. Add some white ink into the design (plus unlimited colors for photo-realism) and the results can be truly astounding.







On the left you can see the Metalized Chrome BOPP and the White BOPP label material on the right

Or simply use the more typical White BOPP label material. It has the same impervious qualities that make it resistant to liquids, oils, or whatever else your customers want to subject it to, and you can go completely crazy with photo-realistic artwork to make your product label different in so many ways.

Short runs? – no problem. Digital label printing gives you complete flexibility and control over your needs.
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