Plan for Change When You Design Custom Product Labels

Any successful business plans for the future and prepares for change. So why should your approach to your custom product labels be any different? It can be difficult to forecast your product label needs at times, but it’s important to stay up-to-date on necessary changes that may need to be made. You never want to be left hanging when you need to remove products from shelves or online storefronts because a necessary change wasn’t made to update the label design in time. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks to consider during the product label design and ordering process to help make your life easier. 

Stay Up-To-Date on Custom Product Label Regulations

Staying up-to-date on changing industry regulations can save you time and money when it comes to your personalized product labels. Just this year we have seen major regulatory changes in multiple major industries. Earlier this year, the FDA passed major legislation which effects the electronic cigarette industry, and new changes we’re also announced for any company that uses nutrition facts on their product labels. No one wants to order several months worth of personalized product labels only to realize that a they have to make changes to every custom label design in order to meet new industry standards or regulations.  

Try Thermal Transfer Printing for Adding Information to Your Product Labels

Thermal transfer printing? That sounds complicated. Luckily, it’s not too difficult. Consider focusing on fewer versions of product labels, and put your design efforts into the “branding” rather than the changeable information on your labels such as lot numbers, dates, batches, etc.

There are very affordable desktop printers available (typically between $400 and $500) that use a ribbon-driven approach to print the missing data. This process is called “Thermal Transfer printing” – it applies heat to melt the surface of the ribbon in the appropriate spots and transfer the melted ink to the material being printed on. If you’re in an industry where you need to order branded custom labels for your products but need to be able to add more information at a later date, then thermal transfer printing may be right up your alley. You can check out our blog post about using Thermal Transfer Printing for Custom Product Labels and how it relates to the e-cig business (but the same ideas can apply directly to other industries too). 

Order Your Digitally Printed Product Labels Fast With Our New ‘Labels Library’

Our new “Label Library” makes reordering and managing your personalized product label artwork a breeze. Every customer that’s placed an order with us now has access to their own personal library of labels that have previously been ordered. If you’re making changes to a label design that you’ve ordered before from us, you can now upload the new artwork and place an order faster and easier than ever. As you place orders for new designs, they automatically end up in your library. You can even “Inactivate” individual label versions if you no longer wish to see them in your library – or “Activate” them again if you change your mind at a later time. 

We understand that it’s not always as easy to plan for the future regarding your product labels. Sometimes you need to make changes fast. We can still help you out. We pride ourselves on having some of the fastest production times in the industry, and we even offer free two-day shipping on all orders. However, avoiding a situation like that is always the option. With a little planning, you can save yourself a big headache when the time comes to make necessary adjustments to your personalized product labels.