Stand Out at Farmers Market with Custom Product Labels

It’s that time of year again, folks. The warm weather is beginning to turn just a bit cooler, the leaves are starting to change colors, and seasonal products are getting ready to hit stands at indoor and open-air farmers’ markets all across the country. Farmers’ markets often have a surprisingly wide array of products for sale. Many have offerings ranging from colorful and healthy fresh produce, to homemade baked goods, handroasted coffee, flowers, handmade gifts, artisanal soaps and lotions, homemade candles, and much more!

Fresh, creative product labels for new fall products (and revamped labels for those products that aren’t selling as well) can be a big help in the effort to maximize profits in the time that you have left before winter hits! Aside from wanting to stand out from the other products at the market, it is important that you’re able to do so at a reasonable price, with maximum flexibility and impeccable presentation.

Maximum Flexibility

Whether your product has one or ten different flavors, scents, or sizes, we are able to print as many versions of the same size label as you need. Do you have 3 different scents of candle and need 200 labels for each scent? No problem. Perhaps you have 6 different flavors of homemade jams and would like 100 labels for each of the first five flavors and 200 of the sixth because it’s your best seller? We can make that happen very affordably due to our all-digital printing technology. You can choose the number of different versions you’d like to have printed in our Instant Online Quoter (located on the right side of this page) and the cost per label will be adjusted accordingly.

Whether you are looking for white labels, clear labels, round labels, square labels, matte labels, gloss labels, big labels or smaller labels, we will work with you ensure that you make the best decision when it comes to your custom product labels.

Another aspect of the labelling process that requires careful thought is label application. Some customers choose to hand apply their product labels, while others use hand operated or electric machines. Regardless of what kind of labels you order, all our custom product labels will arrive to your doorstep on convenient rolls. So if you need your labels to peel off of the roll in a certain direction for application, we can make sure your rolls of labels arrive as desired for maximum ease of application to the product packaging.

Quick Turnaround

It can be difficult (if not impossible, at times) to determine which products will sell best at the market. We know that things don’t always go the way you plan and that you may need more labels in a hurry. That’s why we offer free two-day shipping to every state in the United States. We will work with you to do everything that we can to make sure that you get your labels when you need them. Even when those pesky, unexpected label shortages pop up!

High Quality Labels

At Wizard Labels, we use only the highest quality digital label printing equipment which create extremely high quality labels with ultra-high clarity. To see some of the high-quality labels that we are able to produce, request a free sample pack here. Print custom labels with us!