Telling A Brand's Story

Telling a Brand’s Story

Excerpted from the 12/10/19 issue of Beauty Packaging Magazine. Covering all types of packaging, Beauty Packaging is published for those in the personal care, cosmetic and fragrance industry.

Well-Designed Labels Make a Difference

3 things to keep in mind –

In the competitive beauty and personal care market, the look and feel of a product in a shopper’s hands and before their eyes can make or break a sale. Labels are often a customer’s initial introduction to a brand with the ability to tell a story while conveying brand identity all at once.

Steve Smith, president and founder at Wizard Labels, a specialist in e-commerce and a supplier of digitally-printed custom product labels, stresses how product labeling is critical to a beauty brand’s success.

“A well-designed product label does a number of things. First, it informs the prospective customer about what your product is and how it benefits them,” he says. On a crowded shelf, labels can also attract attention away from competitive products. He says an eye-catching beauty label will always fare better than a drab uninteresting one.

“Another important thing to keep in mind is that a professionally designed label will usually just look better than something amateurish,” Smith says. “After all, poor design is a visual distraction and only encourages viewers to focus on the wrong things.”

Finally, a product label design frequently needs to include regulatory information in order to meet legal requirements, which may be a critical component of certain end-use segments of the beauty market.