Understanding Roll Diameters When Ordering Product Labels

When ordering labels for machine application (especially), it’s important to find out what size rolls the machinery can accept – which is usually known as Maximum OD (or Outside Diameter).

Our default standard is to produce rolls up to 8” OD because most mechanical applicators can handle 8” rolls, but if your equipment needs something smaller (or larger), let us know and we can make the rolls accordingly.

It’s also important to understand that requesting a specific number of labels per roll is often the wrong approach – because each different label size would result in different diameter rolls for the same number of labels.  It’s better to simply check what OD your machine (or your co-packer’s machines) can handle and we will then produce rolls that will always fit (regardless of label size).

Additionally, if you do request (e.g.) xx labels per roll, that may involve extra charges – because it requires manual intervention to achieve. Ask your customer service person for details and they can help you make the right decision.