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For orders as large as yours we first need to talk to you. Please give us a call at (888) 277-3037.
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Label Shape

Please select the label shape you're looking for. Yes, as we know from high school geometry a Square is also a Rectangle - but we've separated them for practical reasons and to make them easier to find.

We also have access to a collection of special shapes, but it's impractical to have them all listed on the website and would make the online quoting process unnecessarily complicated. If you do have needs for unusual shaped labels, please contact us and we can help point you in the right direction.

Label Size

Unlike other label companies, we don't have a confusing list of "standard sizes". We can make almost any size or shape (up to 12.375" x 24.5"). If your specific needs are unusual you'll be presented with some options further into the quoting process. So just enter the dimensions you think you need and move onto the next step.

The size of label you need is something only you can decide, as there's no standard label size for any given product or container. It depends on what your labels need to say, whether you want to include images in the design and so on. Your designer should help you arrive at the size you feel best fits your needs.

To get a price quote, enter the dimensions of the labels you need. All measurements are in inches, and you can use either decimals or fractions as shown. For example, if your label needs to be 3-3/16" high and 5-1/4" wide, then enter either 3.188 or 3-3/16 in the Height field and 5.25 or 5-1/4 in the Width field.

The preview will adjust automatically to give a rough representation of the shape and size you entered, but the image is not to scale - it's simply a visual aid to make sure you've entered the dimensions in the right places to achieve the desired result.

Unwind directions are a very important part of ordering product labels on rolls - we need to know in which direction your labels need to come off the roll when you're applying them to your products. This is critical when mechanical applicators are used, but can still be important even if you hand-apply your labels.

Click here for a more detailed explanation on our FAQs page. If you don't care what direction the labels need to unwind (e.g. if you're hand applying and it's not important to you), just use the default "Right Off First" orientation (which is the most popular in our experience). If you're still not sure, contact us and we'll help you decide the best unwind direction - which can affect pricing in some circumstances.

Please indicate how you intend to apply your labels to your products. If you're using some kind of mechanized applicator, choose "Machine Applied" - but if you intend to manually apply each label by hand, choose "Hand Applied".

Why is this important? Well, in many cases it isn't - but it can affect the way we create and ship the rolls of labels. For example, if the production process ends up with 5 rolls of 100 identical labels each, we have to decide whether or not to splice those rolls together into a single 500-label roll (which would certainly be the preferred outcome if a machine applicator is involved). Conversely, if you're hand-applying the labels, it is probably more practical at your end to receive multiple (smaller) rolls - so several people could be applying labels at the same time

The vast majority of labels we produce are set up for Machine application - but if you're hand-applying then it makes sense to choose that option so our production staff can try to make that task easier for you. If it doesn't matter to you, choose Hand-applied.

A "version" is a single unique design of your label - and you can have many of them to identify product variations like flavors, colors, ingredients etc. As long as the different versions all use the same size/shape and material, our digital printing presses can gang many different versions together in a single run, thereby saving you significant amounts of money.

If you need different sizes or other specifications, each grouping of "like" labels is a separate production job and needs to be quoted separately.

Even the images, text content and colors can be completely different between versions if you wish. Each version must be delivered to us in its own artwork file, but you can combine multiple versions into a single order.

NOTE: - in case you're wondering, each label version gets produced and delivered on its own roll(s) - we do not mix versions within a roll unless specifically requested.

Please enter the combined total quantity for all your Versions - e.g. if you specified 5 versions in the previous step (maybe to represent Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon, Vanilla, and Banana), and you wanted 500 of each flavor, then you should enter 2500 in this field.

Note: if you need different quantities for some Versions than others, that is certainly possible - but within reason. For example, if your order is for a total of 2,500 labels spread across 5 different versions, you might want 1,000 of one version, 500 each of the next two versions and 250 each for the remaining two versions (or some other logical breakdown to suit your business needs).

Also, in order to minimize waste in the production process, each version must be at least 100 labels, and each quantity must also be a multiple of 50 labels (e.g. 150, 200, 250 etc). The Online Quoter will automatically increment any non-conforming quantities for your approval.



Note - all our label materials are self-adhesive and can be applied to a wide range of firm flat surfaces such as plastic, glass, cardboard etc, but are not suitable for application to fabrics or leathers. If you would like to see physical samples of each of the materials, please request a complimentary sample pack here.

  • White BOPP (Plastic - Permanent Adhesive) - By far the most commonly used material in our collection. It's a thin white polypropylene film (commonly referred to as BOPP in the printing industry) that is impervious to almost any punishment and looks beautiful on your products. It delivers eye-popping color and image crispness that can't be beat.

  • White BOPP (Removable Adhesive) - Most of our materials feature permanent adhesives - because most products need labels that will survive prolonged use. However, if you need a more "temporary" label or sticker that can be more readily removed, our White Removable material has a special adhesive to make removal much easier.

  • White BOPP (Tight Mandrel Adhesive) - This material has the same construction and visual properties as the standard White BOPP, but it has a special (more aggressive) adhesive designed to achieve a better bond on small-diameter products (such as lip balm sticks or very small bottles) where the label is intended to wrap around the product. The vast majority of containers do not need this level of adhesion and the standard White BOPP should normally be used unless the application justifies it. We can help you decide the most appropriate material if necessary.

  • Chrome BOPP (Plastic - Permanent Adhesive) - This material produces superb results in the right circumstances - BUT it needs advanced graphic design skills to be effective. The polypropylene film is specially treated during manufacture to have a "chrome-like" finish (i.e. just like the reflective silver trim on older cars). Once again, there are some design tricks that can contribute to a beautiful result, and some traps to be avoided. Feel free to ask us for guidance.

  • Chrome BOPP (Plastic - Tight Mandrel Adhesive) - Exactly the same material as the entry above (Chrome BOPP), but with a more aggressive adhesive for specialty applications. It is slightly more expensive, so ask us for guidance if you need help deciding.

  • Clear BOPP (on Paper liner - Permanent Adhesive) - Exactly as it sounds, this is a transparent polypropylene film that is perfect for the "no label" look, allowing the product itself to show through. It does require a little more care when designing, as strong background colors can have unexpected impacts on the result. We can help you decide whether this is the best option for your products.

  • Ultra-Clear BOPP (on Clear liner - Permanent Adhesive) - This is the same material as the one above, but it comes on a clear PET liner. This liner is usually best for high-speed automatic applicators, but one additional benefit is that the finished labels can appear a little less hazy due to the way the adhesive reacts with the liner. It's important that you confirm with your label applicator that their equipment can handle clear-on-clear labels, as there can be unusual challenges in detecting the gaps between labels.

  • Estate #9 (Textured paper - Cream) - If you're looking to print wine labels or beer labels, the Estate #9 material is a very popular option. It's a creamy/buff-colored paper stock with a subtle textured finish that adds a very attractive "antique" look. Note - while this material is often used for wine and beer and other short-lived products, it may not be a good choice for products that get exposed to lengthy periods of use or are exposed to extreme environmental conditions (like bath and body products, for example).

  • Estate #8 (Textured Paper - White) - Very similar to the Estate #9 in texture and usage, but the paper is white instead of cream-colored.

  • White Polyethylene (Squeezable - Permanent Adhesive) - If your product containers are subject to a lot of heavy squeezing, we have a material specifically designed for this. In most cases our standard White BOPP will withstand a reasonable amount of physical punishment, but if your product has (for example) a very thick consistency in a pliable container, then sometimes standard labels can begin to wrinkle with repeated use. The Squeezable material resists this tendency to a much higher degree. We can provide samples of this material on request so you can do your own testing.

We also have access to a wide range of specialty materials, but choose to limit the Online Quoter to the most common options for simplicity.  Contact us if you have special needs, and we'll see if we can help.


The majority of our labels come with a thin surface layer of transparent polypropylene film (called an "over-laminate") to provide robust protection from the elements and other external influences.

Which over-laminate you choose is up to you - Gloss provides a beautiful glossy sheen to your labels and shows the underlying design in all its crisp glory, whereas Matte provides a dull, non-shiny finish and can assist in creating a quaint antique look, or perhaps just to prevent any glare from surrounding lights etc. Both options provide excellent protection from abrasion and weathering, so the choice just comes down to your preferred visual appearance.

We also offer a special over-laminate called Thermal Transfer, specifically designed to allow for over-printing using a thermal transfer printer (which uses ribbons to print small amounts of data like batch numbers, expiry dates etc. onto your labels). Please note - not all printers and/or ribbons are guaranteed to work with this laminate, so some testing is strongly advised - we can arrange for some raw samples for this purpose on request. If you need more information about Thermal Transfer, see our FAQs page for a more detailed explanation.

The exception to over-laminates is if you choose the Estate #8 or Estate #9 material. In order to preserve the "textured paper" look and feel, we leave the labels in their natural "unfinished" state.  Given that this material is primarily targeted at the wine and beverage industry, the labels typically don't need the same level of long-term protection that many other products do - and the textured paper allows the inks to be absorbed more than most other materials.

If you have any concerns about materials for your specific products, request a sample pack from us (via the red button on our home page) and we'll send you samples of all the common combinations to test before ordering.


While most label printing companies use metal plates “called dies” to cut the finished labels to the correct size and shape, here at Wizard Labels we’ve moved on to the latest in laser-driven cutting equipment - which largely removes the need for dies (saving our customers from having to pay for new dies if they want a size/shape we don’t already have a die for).

However, there are some exceptions - some of the less-popular materials have not yet been made laser-ready and continue to rely on cutting dies. Indeed, some materials are simply impossible to cut with a laser for good practical reasons, but fortunately the vast majority are.

So, if your Quote shows a need for a Custom Die, it’s because you’ve chosen a material that’s not laser-ready AND a size/shape for which we don’t already have a die in house (despite having thousands we’ve accumulated over the years). If you have any questions about how to avoid the die charge, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we may be able to guide you to a different solution and save you the cost of a die.

Rectangular labels most often have slightly rounded corners. This approach was adopted in the label industry many years ago for two primary reasons. First, it tends to make application easier on some machines - and second, once the label is applied to the product it resists the corners being "snagged" during normal use (which would quickly become unattractive).

That said, some customers simply prefer "square corners" and we're happy to produce them if asked. However, if you do choose Square Corners during the Quoting/Ordering process, you will notice that it still specifies a 0.016" corner radius - which effectively translates to 1/64 of an inch. The reason is that it's impossible for cutting equipment to actually achieve a perfectly square corner cut - so we get as close to that as we can.

So what does "corner radius" mean? Well, put simply it's the distance between the points where the curved corner starts and ends. A large corner radius has a bigger curved area than a small radius. The most common rounded corners have a 1/8" radius (0.125"), and "square" corners have a 1/64" radius (0.016") as explained above.

Shown below is a visual approximation of what your label shape will look like according to the settings you've chosen (size, shape, corners etc). It is not intended to be to scale, but simply to help you visualize roughly what your selections have indicated.

If this image doesn't match what you were intending, please hit the "Back" button and adjust any of the specifications you wish to achieve your desired result.

In order to help you organize your labels into logical groupings for future reference, please enter a group description of your choice. If nothing significant springs to mind, you can simply enter "Group 1" or "Jane's Jams", or anything else you choose. This Group name is not important to us in our systems - it's simply a convenient way for you to identify labels of the same characteristics when you need to re-order.

In order for us to produce the highest quality product labels in a timely manner, we strongly prefer to receive artwork files that have AI, EPS, PSD or PDF as their file-type and are named in an easily-identifiable way that reflects the specific content of the unique label version. This helps us avoid confusion in production and also makes it easier for you to select the correct labels when re-ordering.

Some simple examples:

Body Lotion 8oz

Rosemary Cleansing Gel 4oz.pdf 

If you already have your labels designed and ready for us to print, please upload the files now (one file per version please).

If you don't yet have artwork files, or would prefer your designer to upload them later, please choose "Upload Later". If you're unsure whether we can use your files in a different format, contact us and we'll tell you whether it's possible.

Our normal method of Proofing is to email you an electronic PDF proof for your approval. We do this (free of charge) to make sure we have correctly interpreted your needs and/or pulled the right versions from your label library. We never proceed into production until we receive your explicit approval of the Proofs, so please keep an eye open for them and respond as quickly as you can.

It's also your only chance to check for any errors in your artwork before we print your labels - so please make sure you check them carefully and let us know if you need to change anything. Please note that repeating the proofing process does involve some extra cost (depending on what's needed), so it makes sense to check your artwork before placing your order.

In some cases, a physical printed proof may be appropriate - particularly if you're doing something unusual or simply want to test color combinations etc before we begin production. We can make these available for $95 (including shipping), and they normally take a couple of days (plus delivery time) to get them to you. Please also note that press proofs are limited to one set of proofs per order, but we can work with you to test alternate design treatments within that single run upon request.

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