Custom Candy Labels

Candy and chocolate are evergreen products, always welcome by the recipient no matter the season or reason. Often given as gifts for celebrations and during the holidays, the custom candy labels and custom chocolate labels need to be as special as what is inside the bag or box.

Entice your customer’s sweet tooth with a personalized candy or chocolate label. It is the visual cue that captures customer attention and is the primary marketing tool to help you stand out from the competition.

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Challenges with Candy & Chocolate Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Show Off Your Candy and Chocolate with Clear Labels

Sometimes your candy speaks for itself. Colorful, chewy toffees might be all the salesmanship you need. The challenge is how do you show off your product while simultaneously promoting your brand?


Wizard Labels offers clear labels with ultra clear adhesive

Ultra clear adhesive and a clear plastic label material enables you both promote your brand and see your product clearly. Sometimes you want the customer to “taste” the product and visualize your brand at the same time.


I want my photos on my chocolate product labels to really stand out

Luxury food products always sell better if the packaging shows a beautiful image of the contents, not a low-resolution snapshot that leaves the customer wondering what's inside.


Wizard Labels seals all our Candy and Chocolate Labels proper Food Grade Materials

Digital label printing produces phenomenal, crisp, full-color photos on custom candy labels. Wizard Labels uses only the best digital presses available on the market today to ensure your products present just the kind of quality you’re looking for.