Custom Circle Labels

The essential circle label is always an outstanding choice. When your competitors are using rectangle or square labels, the straightforward circle label makes your product stand out from the crowd.

Large or small, a circle label draws attention to the package itself, which can be especially striking when applied to glass bottles or packages made of brightly colored or natural materials.

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Challenges with Circle Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Large Amount of Text on a Circle Label

Some circle labels need to convey a wide range of information, including ingredients, disclaimers, and your marketing message. How can you best fit all of that text on a circle label?


Wizard Labels Prints Any Size Circle Labels

As eye-catching as circle labels are, they are slightly more limited in the amount of text they can legibly show. One of the most common circle label mistakes is putting text too close to the edge. Also, avoid curving text around the edge of the label. Instead, Wizard Labels recommends using a slightly larger circle label to give your design sufficient space to look its best.


Printing a Border Around Circle Labels

Graphic designers sometimes suggest putting borders around circle labels. How will that affect the look of your finished labels?


Wizard Labels Recommends Eliminating Borders

When you’re designing a circle or oval label, a border might look great on the computer screen. But when it’s actually printed on the label, it almost always looks off-center, which is distracting and unattractive. For a cleaner look, Wizard Labels recommends removing borders from your label design.