Custom Coffee Labels

With the emergence of artisan coffee roasters and specialty tea collections, the demand for custom coffee labels and custom tea labels has never been greater nor the competition stiffer. The label is an important visual cue when shoppers are choosing which coffee or tea to buy. Whether purchased for everyday use or as a gift for someone special, the custom tea label or coffee bag label needs to be as unique as what is inside the package.

Custom tea and coffee bag labels help make sure your product is chosen when shoppers make that all-important buying decision.

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Challenges with Coffee and Tea Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Coffee and Tea Labels are inevitably opened and reopened

Every morning as you drag yourself to your coffee maker, you’ll make a pit stop to the cabinet to grab and unfurl the crumbled bag of coffee. The label is constantly being scrunched down day after day.


Wizard Labels protects Coffee and Tea Labels by using high quality BOPP (plastic) material

The impact of poor labeling on your brand should be obvious after torturous morning routines eventually tear apart your label - which is why at Wizard Labels prevents this from happening by using BOPP material when printing labels, this is a plastic-like film offers unbeatable protection and longevity.


My Coffee and tea products come in many variations which are constantly changing based on market needs

The market is changing and demanding a wider variety of coffee and tea flavors. I am constantly trying to innovate to bring new products to market, I need to order labels often and in many versions.


Wizard Prints on highest quality digital presses

Wizard Labels prints on the highest quality digital presses which allows us combine many versions of the same label on the same press run, which brings the unit price down. The only restrictions for combined runs (called "ganging") are that the label versions must all be the same size and on the same material. And you can even mix and match quantities within a single run - thereby ordering more labels for your popular styles and less for the slow-movers.