Custom Juice Product Labels

What’s the difference between a plain, ordinary bottle of juice and one that looks refreshingly natural? It’s all in the packaging. Getting the customer to choose your juice over the competition depends on the quality of your juice labels.

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Challenges with Juice Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


Juice Labels Need to Show Off the Delicious Juice Inside

Nothing advertises your juice better than being able to see it right in the bottle. After all, that's why you package your juice in clear bottles. But how do you prevent a big juice label from blocking the view?


Wizard Labels Offers Clear and Ultra-Clear Labels

Our clear and ultra-clear labels are perfect for creating the crisp no-label look. That allows the wholesome goodness of your juice to shine through, so your customers can look past the juice label to focus on what really counts: the delightful juice inside the bottle.


Unusual Shape Bottles Require Custom Juice Labels

Choosing the right bottles can have an enormous impact on your sales. But some juice bottles, such as those with flat sides and edges, may present technical challenges when designing your labels.


Wizard Labels Offers Custom Juice Labels in Any Size or Shape

Because you have more bottle choices than ever before, Wizard Labels offers you limitless juice label options. We print attractive, durable juice labels in any size or shape, so that your juice bottles look their absolute best. Wants to see all of your juice label options? Request a free label sample pack now.