Sonoma Coast Spirits Vodka Bottle with Custom Label

Custom Labels For Spirits

Whether it is whiskey, gin or vodka, the custom liquor label is one of the most important factors when shoppers are choosing which brand of spirits to purchase. Often purchased for celebrations and special occasions, the custom spirit bottle label needs to be as special as what is inside the bottle.

A custom spirit label is the visual cue that captures customer attention and is the primary marketing tool to help you stand out from the competition.

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Challenges with Spirit Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


My product is clear in color, I want my customer to see through the bottle

A clear alcohol like vodka or gin may not need an ornate colorful label – but instead a subtle brand name free floating within the product.


Wizard Labels offers Ultra Clear label material with special clear adhesive

Ultra clear adhesive and a clear plastic label can create a sense of transparency to your product label. The adhesive does not produce any clouding affect so your clear product is perfectly visible through your label.


Do I need to buy spirit labels in large quantities?

All Liquor labels – whether its scotch labels, whisky labels, gin labels, vodka labels must follow the rigorous schedule of the distillery. For example, a custom whiskey label won’t be matched with their bottles until the batch is finished. And when cutting cost is a necessity – it’s tempting to buy a huge supply of labels and pull from inventory for years.


Wizard prints your spirit labels on digital presses, no expensive plate charges

Wizard uses cutting-edge digital presses that can provide Monday orders to be delivered on Friday. The quick turnaround allows you to order your “just in time” of when you need them. Keep your cash flow available to run your business; don’t tie it up in mountains of label inventory that could end up in the trash.