What Does "Unwind Direction" Mean When Ordering Product Labels?

If you are new to ordering custom product labels, you might be unsure what ‘Label Unwind Direction’ means. You might also be unsure of which option to choose when placing your order. See below for our helpful information and tips.
Unwind direction, also sometimes called ‘wind direction,’ refers to the orientation of your labels as they come off the roll. If you apply your labels by hand, this may not be important for you. However, if your labels are machine-applied, it is crucial. By accurately choosing a direction, you will ensure that your labels align properly on your products.
The good news is that there are standard descriptions we can give you for the various unwind directions. Unwind Direction #1 (Top Off First) means the roll will unwind with the label’s top as the front.
The image below demonstrates the most common unwind directions:


Unsure how your printed labels on a roll should unwind? Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help!