Custom Wine Bottle Labels

After grape variety and price, the label is the most important factor when shoppers are choosing a bottle of wine. Often purchased for special occasions, the custom wine label needs to be as special as what is inside the bottle.

Personalized wine labels help make sure shoppers choose your wine when making that all-important buying decision. Beyond communicating standard wine label information, custom wine bottle labels are the visual cue that captures the attention of the customer.

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Challenges with Wine Labels
The Wizard Labels Solution


My wine labels need to stand out

Every picture is worth a thousand words so you better have something to say with the image on your label. What story are you telling with your custom wine label? Is it the snippet of history from your vineyard, a family philosophy, a gorgeous image that inspires?


Wizard stocks a variety of materials to help your wine product and brand stand out

Wizard stocks a variety of materials to help your custom wine bottle labels stand out. Would you like a shiny finish, Chrome BOPP material may be what you need. A clear, clean window into your Chardonnay? Ultra clear is a clear label with special clear adhesive that will make sure all the customer sees is a clear window into your product.


We produce in small batches for friends and family, we don’t need lots of labels or really expensive labels

The big wineries spend lots of money on their custom wine labels because differentiation on the retail shelf is a key to their marketing strategy. Large wineries also produce wine at huge scale, so they need large runs of labels.


Wizard can produce quality labels in small quantities at affordable prices

At Wizard, we can print custom wine bottle labels that look great, because we use high quality materials and you can order them in quantities that fit your niche. Because we print on digital presses we can produce shorter runs without driving the per label price out of your budget range.