Estate #8 - Textured Paper (White)

Avoiding plastic? Aiming for a small-scale, local vibe? Paper labels may be just what your product needs to shine. Instantly communicate to your potential customers that your product is unique, sustainable, and authentic. Estate #8 is a white textured paper label material that allows your graphics and your product to take center stage. 

What Is It? 

Estate #8 is made from paper, instead of the plastic of most label materials. The textured feel combined with the crisp white of the coloring can give your design a fresh take and add another layer of interest to your product appearance. As your shoppers browse the shelves, stand out from the rest with a label that looks and feels different from competing products. If your branding centers around the unique aspects of your signature product, leverage Estate #8 for an authentic feel. 

While Estate #8 is a beautiful material that works well for all levels of design skill, it is not the best fit for every product type. If your product will be exposed to extreme environmental factors like heat, cold, or moisture, the paper label will likely deteriorate too quickly. For example, bath and body products should leverage an alternative label material in order to hold up against the water content of the shower. 


  • Signature texture: Don’t design a label that simply looks different – make one that feels different too! This textured paper stands out to multiple senses, making your product more noticeable and drawing new customers effortlessly.
  • Eco-friendly: If eliminating or reducing plastic is part of your brand mission, why not opt for paper labels? Estate #8 is paper-based, so it won’t sit in landfills for centuries to come. 
  • Distinctive appearance: When it comes to designing a product label, the worst thing you can do is blend in! Choose Estate #8 for an unforgettable appearance that allows your design to shine.

Best Uses

  • Beer: Many craft beers still use plastic labels. Set your product apart from the rest with Estate #8. You created a brew that’s unlike the rest. Your label should reflect that!
  • Wine: Nothing screams “classy” like a beautiful textured label! As wine shoppers browse the aisles, most of them pick up bottles as they go and allow the labels to do the talking. Don’t let your blend, blend in – stand out with a label that’s as special as your custom wine!
  • Gourmet food: From healthy snacks to gourmet sauces, food labels should communicate the heart of the product. Put your best foot forward to communicate authenticity and a comforting, local feel with this paper label material.