The Secret To Eye-Catching Chrome Labels

One of the fastest ways to catch your customer’s eye is to use a custom chrome label. Chrome BOPP labels have a shiny silver metallic finish that can be used to create attention-getting labels — if they're designed correctly.

Are chrome labels right for your products?

Chrome labels are an appealing option, but they present certain design challenges. If your label has a complex design or a significant amount of small text, you may instead prefer the look of a white gloss label.

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Are these metallic, shiny, reflective, mylar, or silver labels?

In the label industry, there are a confusing number of terms for metallized BOPP film. Some people call them metallic stickers or chrome stickers. Some people call them silver labels.

To keep things simple, we call it chrome, because it looks like the chrome trim or wheels on a car.

It's made out of BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene), a thin plastic film specially treated to have a reflective metallic finish. BOPP film is extremely long-lasting, resists wear and tear, and is impervious to moisture or water. So it keeps looking great no matter what.

Here's the trick to creating chrome labels:

Designing a good-looking chrome label is harder than it looks. That's because when ink is printed on chrome, it comes out looking semi-transparent. The metallic finish shines through the ink.

For example, yellow ink printed on a chrome label comes out looking like metallic gold. The effect can look amazing in backgrounds and certain graphics.

But it can make text difficult to read. So the trick is to use the metallic finish to your advantage in specific parts of your design and put a white layer behind the rest.

What happens when you add a white layer?

When you place a white layer underneath your design, it's like printing on a white label. The colors come out looking the way you would normally expect. For example, if you put a white layer behind yellow ink, it comes out looking actually yellow (instead of metallic gold).

When designing your chrome label, you must decide which areas of the label need to be solid color (or white), and which areas you want to look metallic.

If want to steer clear of the technical challenges of putting a white layer behind your design, you might consider printing on white BOPP film instead. Either way, you'll get attention-getting labels that draw customers to your product

What happens when you add a white layer?

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