What Is A Presure Sensitive Label?

When you are looking for a product label, there’s a strong chance you will want a pressure-sensitive label (which is an industry term for self-adhesive labels, i.e. a label that “sticks” to its product’s container). This popular and highly versatile label solution can be seen on nearly any type of product in all sorts of environments. In fact, pressure-sensitive labels constitute more than 80 percent of all labels in the product label market.

What are the components of pressure sensitive labels?

Pressure-sensitive labels might look simple enough, but they are actually quite complex, typically consisting of several components. These components usually include a topcoat (often a laminate or varnish that provides a gloss or matte finish) applied over the printed ink itself, which is printed on what is called the facestock. Behind the facestock is an adhesive which can vary depending on several factors, then a release coating and finally the liner which backs the label until it is applied to the product container. These labels can be applied both by hand or labelling machine.

Are Pressure sensitive labels right for all products?

Pressure-sensitive labels work and look best when applied to a stable package surface. For example, when was the last time you saw a toothpaste tube with a self-adhesive label on it? Ever wonder why? Squeezable tubes are subjected to some serious abuse during their life, the shape is distorted beyond recognition, and a label would be unlikely to survive. However, when using high quality facestock and adhesives, pressure-sensitive labels can meet the vast majority of product label applications.

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