Custom Hot Sauce Labels: What You Need to Know

Having your sauce stand out from the rest is key. A quality specialty food product label can help immensely.

People like to use hot sauce with almost every meal of the day. Whether you’re having eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch, or grilling chicken for dinner, hot sauce can be used with just about anything. Consequently, there are a ton of different brands of hot sauce on supermarket shelves. So how do you help your hot sauce stand out from the all of others on the store shelf?  No matter how flavorful your hot sauce is, if it doesn’t display a high quality product label then there is a very good chance that the consumer will pass it up in favor of a hot sauce with a more appealing presentation.

Hot sauce is one product category where “the image is critical” when selling your products. Whether your secret hot sauce recipe is for a spicy jalapeno hot sauce, or a fiery habanero pepper hot sauce, product label quality is extremely important for a number of reasons. Food products always look more enticing when the label displays a high-quality photo of the finished food product. The quality of a specialty food label can directly affect the buyer’s perception of the quality of the product inside.

Nobody wants to feel limited when designing a hot sauce bottle label, let alone any type of custom product label. This is where digital product label printing really excels – we are able to print vibrant photographic images on labels, with ultra-high clarity. At Wizard Labels, we use only the best digital presses available and the results are truly phenomenal. With traditional printing, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to produce photo-quality images due to the complexity associated with the many colors and shades in a typical photo – but with digital printing the sky is the limit. This way, you can rest assured that the colors and images that are used in your label design will clearly stand out in the marketplace.

Another question that we often get from customer is regarding printing variations of the same label. Rarely do we see a hot sauce company with only one flavor of sauce. Many hot sauce lines have four or more flavors. This is an issue that is quickly solved by using our digital printing presses. When using digital printing for your hot sauce bottle labels, we have the ability to combine multiple “versions” into a single run (as long as the labels are the same size and shape), saving you substantial money in the process.

For example, if your line of hot sauce comes in four different flavor variations, we could print 1,000 jalapeno-flavored hot sauce labels, 1,000 fiery red pepper-flavored hot sauce labels, and 500 labels each for habanero-flavored and chipotle-flavored hot sauces – for a grand total of 3,000 labels.  This approach achieves significant cost savings and the four designs can even use completely different content and colors.

If the hot sauce labels for flavor variations are the same size and shape, they can be printed in the same run.

It’s also important to consider the regular use of the product over time when choosing product labels. Hot sauce can be messy and it can (and does) get everywhere, including on the product label. It’s important to take this factor into consideration when choosing a material for your label. While you may be looking for a vintage (flat) look when it comes to your product labels, choosing a paper label that will start to peel and deteriorate when in contact with a liquid substance may not be the best material choice.

At Wizard Labels, our “baseline” label material is a polypropylene stock (not paper, like so many other label printers), which definitely enhances both the visual appeal and the longevity of the labels when subjected to normal usage. Food products (including hot sauce bottles) are frequently subjected to moisture, repeated handling and even refrigeration during their lives, which makes a robust label even more important.